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Operation Stencil-the-Living Room? COMPLETE

Stencil Progress {Sawdust and Embryos}_thumb

Greetings my posse! Are you so excited to see the progress that’s been occurring in the living room these days? If not, you SHOULD be, because it’s fabulous (said with the Orbit Gum lady’s accent). Remember our little mood board? And what the living room looked like previously? I should start by describing the process by which the stenciling ‘grid’ was laid out. Nick did some measuring and mathematics (which he’s skilled at from all the backsplash painting), and then we whipped out our chalk line. If you don’t have one of … [Read more...]

Royal Design Stencil Review!

hallway stencil_thumb

Top of the mornin’ to ya! I’m excited to FINALLY show you a finished project today… one of the things I’ve been slaving away at in the evenings when Nick is away at work. Based on my love of stenciling, you can imagine my excitement when Royal Design Studios offered to send me one of their stencils FOR FREE to review! Pure awesomeness! I got to choose any stencil from their wide selection. I knew I wanted an ‘all over stencil’, and when I saw this circle lattice design… I knew it was THE ONE. THEN… a couple days later, I was … [Read more...]