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Painted Dresser for Little Girl’s Room!

Paint a dresser to coordinate with comforter! {Sawdust and Embryos}[6]

So we made friends with the lady (HI DAWN!) that bought our burnpile buffet… I mean, how could we not when we grew so emotionally attached to a hunk’o’wood? We considered asking for visitation rights, but decided that would be weird. We were delighted when she contacted us with a commissioned project for her daughter Allie’s room! She has two mismatched dressers that she’d like to coordinate without being too matchy-matchy. Instead of telling us exactly what to do, Dawn wanted us to use our creative juices. This usually … [Read more...]

Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar… Fun, Funky, Functional and FABULOUS!

Chalkboard Calendar by Sawdust & Embryos_thumb[7]

I know many of you are new (ish) to our blog, and it’s easy for me to forget and assume that you remember every post and every project since the beginning of time Sawdust and Embryos. So in the interest of getting you up so speed on our kitchen calendar situation… let’s start from the beginning! The walls in our kitchen have no texture, so we thought it would be so fun to make a calendar out of dry erase paint several years ago. In theory, it was a great idea… But in reality… it was an epic design FAIL. After about 6 months, it … [Read more...]