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A fashionable solution to our sleeping sitch


I know I talk about the girls’ sleeping problems a lot lately, and I acknowledge that most of the issue was us trying to force the tikes into taking one nap instead of two… Can we talk about that? Do you remember how Daylight Savings time happened, oh… I don’t know… almost THREE MONTHS AGO? You guessed it: The girls never adjusted to the time change. All this time, I was thinking their nighttime non-sleeping tom-foolery was CAUSED by too much sleep during the day. But I now me-thinks it’s the opposite. Their excessive sleeping … [Read more...]

Tweaking the attic… and a new addition to the LR


So, yesterday was a rough day for me…. a lot of snot and whining. And the girls were pretty crabby too… HA! I crack myself up. But seriously, it just gets to me after awhile, and I know that I need to change my attitude. Or take a vacation. Last night, the girls weren’t eating their supper, and they were fussy, and I had a migraine… so we got pajamas on and all went to bed (including me) at 5:30 (no joke), and all went right to sleep. While the girls proceeded to sleep for 14 hours, I myself woke up at 4:00… bright-eyed and … [Read more...]

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I won’t name any names or anything (PAISLEY!), but a certain child of mine does not sleep anywhere but her crib. Don’t get me wrong… she’s a great sleeper. Always has been. Girlfriend has slept through the night since the day she was born. But being dependent on her OWN crib in her OWN nursery can present a problem at certain times. (Say for example, you take a impromptu weekend trip to Colorado). I mean, it’s so bad that she rarely even sleeps in the car. I know, at least she’s happy right? Well, knowing that we have a pretty big trip … [Read more...]

A Sentimental Gift


I have a new favorite thing. My cousin Alyssa cross-stitched this: Incredible, no? I had a short stint with cross-stitching back in the day, so I have an intense appreciation for the countless hours and explicit detail that went into this. Yowsers. Thank you Alyssa! I can’t wait to get this up in the nursery! … [Read more...]

Totally random updates


I’ve been realizing that I haven’t posted anything entirely crafty or creative in the least this last week-ish. Sorry about that! We’ve actually been slaving away on a dining set for a client, which includes a table with two leaves, 5 chairs and a china cabinet. We hope to finish up this weekend, so hopefully we’ll be able to post about it next week! It’s all turning out pretty fantastic. Here’s a little teaser progress photo for your benefit. In other household-related-news, our living room wall still looks like this: I use this … [Read more...]

Looking Back @ 2011


Well whatdoya know, it's a brand new year! I made it to 9:30 on New Year's Eve... not because I'm sleep deprived though. I'm just an early-to-bed kinda girl. Ain't nothing I'd rather do on New Year's Eve than rent a movie to watch with my betrothed lover... and hit the hay early. I've never been one for making resolutions of any kind, I just like to think of each new year as a new beginning. And I love to take some time to look back on the last year at all that we accomplished. Click on each photo to go to that post. Reminisce with … [Read more...]



Admittedly, I've been experiencing a serious debilitating case of  'designers block' with the bedroom. I'm loving the addition of the nightstands, headboard, and swag lamps, but I just don't know what color to paint the walls. It's a big decision. It sets the whole mood for the room. Do I go neutral since the headboard is bright and the nightstands are that burnt orange color? (in which case I might as well leave it the boring beige that it is). Do I go bold because I'm me? I just don't want to get it painted and then hate it.  And I can't … [Read more...]

A Few Dilemma’s Addressed


For some time now, I've been really itching to tackle another room in our home. The only rooms I feel are done are the nursery and the kitchen... (and the kitchen could really still use some new appliances, flooring, and the washer and dryer needs to be moved OUT of my pantry so I have room for our month's worth of food). And since we're on a serious budget, designing and updating our home has been put onto the back burner. And that... drives me CRAZY. I neeeeeed to keep crafty in order to feel alive and legitimate. With all that being … [Read more...]

New Addition


We've knocked out some pretty awesome end tables (like this, this, and this) that I reeeeeeeeally wanted to keep for my own living room. But for the greater good we sold them. I don't regret that decision at all. But I still dream of fixing up my living room to be awesome. I want to love it the same way I love my kitchen and nursery!Well... over the weekend, we acquired a new end table for our living room. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind.I give myself snaps for being super wifish and supportive of my husband's hobbies. He's very musical … [Read more...]

This and That

I've been thinking a lot about how I should post about something that's NOT pregnancy/nursery related... or backsplash related. But it's hard!! I never imagined how being pregnant would basically take over my life! Or that my ring size would go from 4.5 to 12 (yep, literally). I've been enjoying our acreage from indoors this year, feeling pretty idle. Occasionally I'll sit out on the porch or in the grass, amongst all the dead ground squirrels and debris that Reuben proudly brings to our front door. But that's about the extent of it. You can … [Read more...]