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24 Months

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The sisters are growing and changing sooooo fast. There are scores of new words everyday, and they’re learning how things open and close, or turn on and off. They love each other so much, and are always eager to help one another or bring an item that the other one wants. When we’re in a store, they want to walk instead of sitting in the cart, and are constantly finding ways to demonstrate their independence. (Happy Independence Day?). They are turning two on Monday… what the WHAT? My my how time flies. To scroll back through their monthly … [Read more...]

22 Months

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This is the first time ever that I’m late on the girls’ monthly OR weekly pictures. First time for everything… right? Did I make up for it with our giveaway on Friday? And speaking OF… the big winner’s name is Emily Pennington!! Check your inbox! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ People are floored that our girls still share a crib at night. There seems to be plenty of room still, and with the occasional incident (body-slamming, standing on each other, etc) it’s working great! Granted, there are days when I wish I had a video monitor … [Read more...]

On THIS Mother’s Day


I don’t talk about infertility a lot anymore, but that’s not because it doesn’t weigh heavily upon my heart. I began to realize that my empathy wasn’t allowing me to fully enjoy my two remarkable blessings with my whole being. I choose to allow myself a healthy heartache… without living in the past. My family deserves that. For the past year, I’ve been thinking about how I would write this post; to honor ‘Mothers’ as well as NON-mothers. You hear the saying ‘being a parent is the hardest job in the world’, but I can say from … [Read more...]