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Tweaking the attic… and a new addition to the LR


So, yesterday was a rough day for me…. a lot of snot and whining. And the girls were pretty crabby too… HA! I crack myself up. But seriously, it just gets to me after awhile, and I know that I need to change my attitude. Or take a vacation. Last night, the girls weren’t eating their supper, and they were fussy, and I had a migraine… so we got pajamas on and all went to bed (including me) at 5:30 (no joke), and all went right to sleep. While the girls proceeded to sleep for 14 hours, I myself woke up at 4:00… bright-eyed and … [Read more...]

Dilemma: Headboard Over Window = SOLVED!


As it turns out, we’re not the only ones that live in a house with unfortunate and tiny bedrooms with ill-placed windows. Being forced to place your bed in front of a window doesn’t have to mean you have to forego a headboard and curtains altogether, forever relinquishing your rights to a well-designed bedroom. We get lots of questions about how we addressed this problem in our master bedroom, and we’re delighted to share our findings with you!   We built our own upholstered headboard (Tutorial HERE), we chose to build it … [Read more...]


I just wrote about 3 full paragraphs, but then I erased it all because it was entirely uninteresting. Lately, it feels like everyday is exactly the same. And while I love being a stay-at-home mommy, I struggle with feeling stranded out in the country, far from town, friends and civilization. It makes for very limited adult interaction for myself, which puts a lot of pressure on Nick when he gets home from work... because he's my primary source of entertainment. But by the time he gets home from work, he's exhausted and wants to relax and watch … [Read more...]

Easy Upholstered DIY Headboard Tutorial


Things move a little slower around these parts, with newborn twins and the corresponding 16 diaper changes a day... but I've finally finished the upholstered headboard! I know you're thrilled! Well this headboard was a no-brainer... we had leftover damask fabric (from the nursery curtains) that I'm totally in love with. And the pattern fit perfectly with the 10" x 10" squares of wood that we already had pre-cut and lying around. You can use as many or as little fabrics as you want. It just depends on the look you're going for. See? (These … [Read more...]