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Living Room Crown Molding Reveal and Tutorial (Part 1)

Crown Molding Tutorial (Part 1) by Sawdust and Embryos_thumb[3]

Tuesday greetings my fun-loving people! I’ve done ransacked the computer from Beth for two full days. Just kidding… but seriously your stuck with me for the next two days to talk about crown molding and shelving! Molding? Moulding? Who really knows how to spell it. Google says both are correct. Part of our vision of the living room was to have it crowned. So this last weekend was a busy one as we purchased, cut, installed, caulked and primed crown molding in the living room! Today we’re going to discuss the basics of crown molding, with … [Read more...]

Operation Stencil-the-Living Room? COMPLETE

Stencil Progress {Sawdust and Embryos}_thumb

Greetings my posse! Are you so excited to see the progress that’s been occurring in the living room these days? If not, you SHOULD be, because it’s fabulous (said with the Orbit Gum lady’s accent). Remember our little mood board? And what the living room looked like previously? I should start by describing the process by which the stenciling ‘grid’ was laid out. Nick did some measuring and mathematics (which he’s skilled at from all the backsplash painting), and then we whipped out our chalk line. If you don’t have one of … [Read more...]

Our couch-hunting saga has a happy ending!

New Couch! {Sawdust and Embryos}_thumb[1]

As you know, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect couch ever since our ‘foster couch’ went to be with it’s forever family (my sister’s college apartment). We were fairly prepared, because we knew we’d be needing a couch and thus started saving our pennies... but when the time came, FOR THE LIFE OF US we couldn’t find a couch we liked. We wanted something with: clean lines (maybe a mid-century feel?) fairly long to accommodate the giant hubs neutral in color (gray or tan) We started out with a budget of $600, but as time wore … [Read more...]

Pooh Pooh Pillows GIVEAWAY {now closed}

Pooh Pooh Pillows Giveaway_thumb

Exciting thing! Let me back up… this might come as a surprise, but I’m not one to accessorize. I hardly EVER wear jewelry (other than my wedding ring). I can’t decide if it’s because I’m a plain kinda girl, or just lazy. But that doesn’t matter. The point here is that this has carried over into my home decorating. In the past few months, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to incorporate more plants and throw pillows into my life. So when my friend Wendy sent me one of her GORGEOUS throw pillows just out of the blue, I did a little … [Read more...]

Build a Custom DIY Trellis in an Afternoon {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

Build a Custom Trellis using pre-made lattice {Sawdust and Embryos}_thumb

Hey yo, Nick here. SO… funny story, each year I get super excited about spring and go nuts in the seed isle at our local store.  Then I come home and read about each plant and start to lay out where I want everything.   Like a total Rook I failed to notice that my Morning Glories are the type of plant that requires something to climb, like a trellis.  This is the genius idea my Bride offered to me … the Rook, newbie, guy that obviously doesn’t read seed packs before purchasing because he is so enthralled by the picture on the front. Okay, … [Read more...]

Kinda makes me not hate the dentist so much…


Thanks SO MUCH for such an amazing response for our new Etsy Shop (SyWoodInk)!! We had so many lovely comments, and even a handful of sales! This is such a fun endeavor for me, and you guys make it even more fun with your encouragement! On to the topic at hand… So, there’s a room in our house that doesn’t get seen very often. It started out as our music-studio-slash-office. Then it became a catch-all room because it’s conveniently located right off the living room, and stuff just gets tossed in there. Mostly my crafty stuff, and toys that … [Read more...]

The Beginning of the End Table {Using VINYL as a Stencil!}

Reversible End Table using VINYL as a Stencil! (Sawdust and Embryos)_thumb

Is it not a beautiful sunshiney day out today? Well at least it is here in Iowa. Everything’s all drippy and melty outside, and making me yearn for spring something fierce. I got to go out and frolic in it sans-twins this morning for a mommy-date-type-gathering that was fabulous. ALSO… it’s my Mommy’s 60th Birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I’m overjoyed to introduce to you a new member to the cast of our living room. Well, I guess this item has been around for quite some time (PROPS for whoever was around long enough to remember that … [Read more...]

Tweaking the attic… and a new addition to the LR


So, yesterday was a rough day for me…. a lot of snot and whining. And the girls were pretty crabby too… HA! I crack myself up. But seriously, it just gets to me after awhile, and I know that I need to change my attitude. Or take a vacation. Last night, the girls weren’t eating their supper, and they were fussy, and I had a migraine… so we got pajamas on and all went to bed (including me) at 5:30 (no joke), and all went right to sleep. While the girls proceeded to sleep for 14 hours, I myself woke up at 4:00… bright-eyed and … [Read more...]

Randoms for you…


The girls have been sleeping in lately, giving me the opportunity to have some alone time in the morning… which is MUCH needed. Somethin’ about the dark silence, enjoying the Christmas lights with my cup of coffee before the chaos ensues. The girls have been struck with a cough and general ickiness, so we’ve been laying low the past few days. I like to think we’re snowed in, but we’re not. I don’t really have a certain thing to talk about today… I’m just talkin yo. Just talkin away. I’ve been itching to organize our ‘catch-all’ … [Read more...]

Tutorial: DIY Painted Buffet w/ a Chevron Pattern


How do you like that for a title… so creative, I know. Sooo HI! I finally finished a piece of furniture to share. It’s been awhile, huh? Things have been slow-moving (understatement of the century) as we’ve been working away on Operation: WALL BE GONE, and chasing our two enthusiastic toddlers. It’s like they siphon my energy and add it to their already extensive supply. We bought a buffet from craigslist. Sometimes a piece of furniture has obvious potential… and this is one of those. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Would you look … [Read more...]