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Tweaking the attic… and a new addition to the LR


So, yesterday was a rough day for me…. a lot of snot and whining. And the girls were pretty crabby too… HA! I crack myself up. But seriously, it just gets to me after awhile, and I know that I need to change my attitude. Or take a vacation. Last night, the girls weren’t eating their supper, and they were fussy, and I had a migraine… so we got pajamas on and all went to bed (including me) at 5:30 (no joke), and all went right to sleep. While the girls proceeded to sleep for 14 hours, I myself woke up at 4:00… bright-eyed and … [Read more...]

Pantry Shelving and Stenciling


I've been torn about whether or not to share the progress that we've made on our pantry transformation, because it won't truly be complete for a long lonnnnnng time. What? I never mentioned that we're doing anything to the pantry? That's probably because it was really impulsive. And was supposed to be a quick little update. You see, I've been begging Nick to put up a couple shelves above the washer and dryer 'nook' in the kitchen to serve as my pantry. Because up until now, I've been using two cabinets to hold an entire months worth of … [Read more...]

New Additions to the Kitchen ~ Garage Sale Updates!


Ok, like a year ago... I got this little shelf at a garage sale. It was one of those sales that's in a warehouse and you pay $5 bucks at the door for a garbage bag, and you can fill it with whatever you want! All for $5! Silly me wasted a ton of room in my bag for this unfortunate little homely shelfy-hook thing. I came home, painted it white, and it hung in a closet holding the girls' bathing items. Until now! So ya know how we have this bench with hooks above it for our coats/hats and whatnot in our kitchen, no? Well I decided the … [Read more...]

Paint, Mums, and a Vintage Light Globe


If you've been around the blog for... oh, let's say the last two years (Hi Mom!), you may remember this sweet birdhouse/garden ornament thingy that my sister made for me, and that I absolutely love.  Well a couple weeks ago, I made a plea for ideas with what to do with this awesome vintage fan globe that we removed from our living room and got some fantastic ideas!Ultimately, I decided I wanted it to be outside... and it absolutely needed color. My first instinct was to spraypaint it. But a reader suggested I paint the INSIDE! So … [Read more...]

Mom’s LR


This is old news, but I didn't want to forget to show you what my mom and I did in her living room! You all remember last spring when Nick and my little bro, Tim, tore apart the slat and lathe walls and put in new drywall. Well my mom painted the whole room beige (not MY first choice, but it's not my house) and I convinced her to do a little something special on one wall as a bit of an accent wall. Here's the before:She liked what I did in my kitchen with the tone-on-tone swirls, using flat wall paint and high gloss for the effect. So we ran … [Read more...]

New Addition


We've knocked out some pretty awesome end tables (like this, this, and this) that I reeeeeeeeally wanted to keep for my own living room. But for the greater good we sold them. I don't regret that decision at all. But I still dream of fixing up my living room to be awesome. I want to love it the same way I love my kitchen and nursery!Well... over the weekend, we acquired a new end table for our living room. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind.I give myself snaps for being super wifish and supportive of my husband's hobbies. He's very musical … [Read more...]

Recycling Scribbles


After our kitchen demo/reno, I took the liberty of putting up these three little unfinished wooden picture frames above the coat rack.They've been serving their purpose, but let's be honest... these photos were taken about 8 years ago (no exaggeration) and they were taken with a CHEAP camera (less than digital) and by an extremely amateur photographer (yours truly).Here are the close up's so you can fully appreciate the incentive for replacement.  So as I was flipping through my old design portfolio from my short stint at the Iowa State … [Read more...]