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Answering Your Questions: Part 1

Wow... I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I opened the floodgates for you guys to ask questions... WOWZERS! I thought people would ask things like 'what's your favorite food?' or 'what's your biggest pet peeve?' Some of them are very deep! I might need to take more than one post to answer them all thoroughly, cause I'm an all-or-none kinda girl! In no particular order... your questions and my answers! You mentioned you live in Oregon, for how long and what part? I moved to Oregon after high school without knowing anyone. I just … [Read more...]

The day we found out…


OK, this is my long-awaited story of becoming pregnant. I'm going to give a little background info of the happenings a week before we got the great news. For even more background info, you can read our full IVF story in chronological blog posts here, and read more about our struggle with infertility (backwards chronological) here. It was at this time last year that we reached our $12,000 goal, and with MUCH anticipation began all the hormonal injections in preparation for IVF. For over a month, we planned our lives around our injection … [Read more...]

Dirty Girl…


Why is it that in the winter, I fail to maintain the tidiness of my vehicle(s)? I never thought about it before today, when I realized that: my backseat is FULL of random crap and garbage, and it only accumulates to this degree of insanity during the winter months. It's like I think to myself, "I'm so freezing so I'm just going to leave this piece of garbage in my backseat and make a beeline for the house".... as if it would take me a single second longer to just GRAB it and make a beeline for the house. And over time... it accumulates and … [Read more...]