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How to build a Butcher Block Counter

Butcher Block Counter Tutorial (with Mason Jar Backsplash!!) www.sawdustandembryos.com_thumb[5]

Hi-Yo, Nick here! So we have had a lot of interest in our butcher block counter that we built for the upstairs bathroom.  For those of you that have so patiently waited for this tutorial… thank you for your patience! Awhile back we were given the opportunity to show off one of Moen’s great faucets.  This gave us the push we needed to tackle the upstairs bathroom vanity that’s been on our radar for awhile now. Beth (in all her genius) suggested we build a butcher block to serve as the counter top.  I agreed, so we packed up and took off … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash Tutorial PART 2 {Installation and Price Breakdown}


So hey! We’re back with round 2 of this Mason Jar Mosaic backsplash that just went up in our upstairs bath! If you missed Part 1 yesterday, we discussed how to tint clear glass, as well as breaking and sorting your ‘Tesserae’! Now lets get down and dirty (LITERALLY) with some tile adhesive compound and goopy grout! It’s a messy job, and there will be several occasions where you want to take a bath in turpentine, but JUST KEEP GOING! The end result is well worth it! We started out with a tub of tile adhesive (we used Ker 909… $8.99 for … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash Tutorial PART 1 {Tinting & Breaking Jars}

Using Broken Mason Jars to make a Mosaic Backsplash! {Sawdust and Embryos}_thumb[1]

I’ve been holding out on y’all on our backsplash for the upstairs bathroom. It took me much longer than I thought (mostly because of my back), and I had some major setbacks. BUT IT’S DONE! It’s made from broken mason jars! I love that it feels creative and abstract… and brings even more character to the bathroom! Today I’m going to show you how to dye your own Mason Jars to look like the tinted vintage jars from the old days. I was going to use the real thing… but those suckers are hard to get your hands on when you’re actually looking … [Read more...]

Jane’s Backsplash


If you have ever overhauled your entire kitchen, you know how time consuming it can be, and frustrating dealing with contractors and such. It is said to be the most expensive room in a house to remodel. But Jane here knew that throwing a little paint around can make a dramatic difference for a fraction of the cost. Knowing that her cabinets were in decent shape (just a little outdated), she decided to slap on a glossy coat of black paint. She also painted the walls a crisp spring green after removing the horrifying wall paper border. (Have any … [Read more...]