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PROGRESS: Extending the Bathroom Vanity and Building a Butcher Block Counter!

Extending the Bathroom Vanity {Sawdust and Embryos}_thumb[6]

Wednesday Greetings to you! THANK YOU to all of you that weighed in on our epic curtain dilemma! So many good suggestions and things to think about! Right now I’m leaning towards something light and sheer, but I’m not going to jump into anything just yet. We’ve been bizzy bizzy around here… but what else is new, right y’all? Nick has been plugging away at ‘Operation Extend the Bathroom Vanity’, and it’s one of those things where I have no skills to contribute to this project. So the best I can do is enthusiastically complement his … [Read more...]

Random Matters


Oh man, whatta weekend y’all! Friday, after much deliberation, we purchased a new (to us) vehicle! The Jeep was on it’s last leg, and we knew it was time. Thanks to all of you that weighed in on the van vs crossover debate on our Facebook page! We ended up driving home a 2006 Honda Odyssey, and I’m completely smitten with it. So roomy, so convenient… and there are no smashed Cheerio’s on the carpet. Nick and I have vowed to keep it clean. But we also vowed to never let our kids eat in vehicles... and you know we failed if there are smooshed … [Read more...]

Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar… Fun, Funky, Functional and FABULOUS!

Chalkboard Calendar by Sawdust & Embryos_thumb[7]

I know many of you are new (ish) to our blog, and it’s easy for me to forget and assume that you remember every post and every project since the beginning of time Sawdust and Embryos. So in the interest of getting you up so speed on our kitchen calendar situation… let’s start from the beginning! The walls in our kitchen have no texture, so we thought it would be so fun to make a calendar out of dry erase paint several years ago. In theory, it was a great idea… But in reality… it was an epic design FAIL. After about 6 months, it … [Read more...]

How to paint a backsplash!


There were some potty training adventures this weekend. We’re not ready to boast success just yet, so we’re going to hold off on ‘that’ post. But I will say that there was a victorious #2-bomb that got dropped in the waters of the toilet. TOUCHDOWN! In other news, the ‘arches’ are finally finished! Nick was priming them the other day, and since the primer was all convenient and available, I decided to paint over our backsplash (that I painted the very first week we lived in this house). This is what it looked like the first time I painted it … [Read more...]

Brenda’s Backsplash


I usually try to keep our backsplash updates over on our S/E Backsplash Website, but this most recent one we painted was a little different... and we think deserves a shout-out! Brenda's getting her house all gussied up to put it on the market, and naturally she brought us in to do our thing in her kitchen! We were a little nervous about painting over a darker 'grout' line: Brenda wanted long and skinny staggered horizontal tiles... needless to say, the taping took us awhile. But once we got to the painting, it went real fast! And … [Read more...]

Headboard Reveal


We've been working like a couple craizies, but the most fun has been had in the form of painting backplashes to look like real tile, and crafting custom headboards for a little side cash. It's helping our Fertility Fund grow little by little!!So here it is! Our most recent headboard creation! I give you... the handmade Chocolate Brown queen sized headboard. … [Read more...]