Doily-Stenciled Terra Cotta Pots


Hey friends! Mornin’ to ya! Can I just say? OUR DISHWASHER BROKE. And my time has been consumed with washing dishes. So.many.dishes. How old do the girls have to be before I can delegate the dishes onto them? Pretend like I have a witty transition sentence here. Oh hey! I made a little crafty project to show you. SUPER simple. MINIMAL supplies. DONE in under an hour. I used a couple doilies from my stash as stencils on the terra cotta pots! I pick up doilies at garage sales whenever I see them… usually for about .25 cents (or … [Read more...]

Haven Recap ‘n’ Stuff


The busiest 2 weeks of my LIFE recently came to an end, and I’m just crawling out of my coma. I’m a home-girl, who’s idea of a vacation is… what I do every day. So lots of traveling and business wears on me quickly. Anyone else that way? No? As you know, we went camping, and then were home for exactly one day… which just happened to be the girls’ 3rd Birthday. After which we promptly left for Atlanta to attend the epic Haven DIY Conference! It may not have been so draining if we hadn’t DRIVEN. Like in a car. We made a little detour to drop … [Read more...]

Bamboo Patio Set Refresh


If you think of our blog more as creative inspiration rather than a ‘Reality TV Show’, you’ve probably been sorely disappointed lately. This little blog has always been a way to document our lives as it happens… but now that it’s mysteriously grown to the point that thousands of you are stopping in everyday to see what we’re up to, there’s a certain pressure to be awesome and interesting. But we’re neither… sooooooo SORRY! I’m not sure if it’s first-trimester-fatigue, or the fact that the last two weeks have been some of the busiest in … [Read more...]

Annual Fam Camping 2014


I’m about a week behind on blogging… life has been cray! We recently went camping. As in my entire immediate family. The parents, 7 siblings, 4 in-laws, and 5 little children. We do it every 4th of July! The girls have been camping pros since they were born, so napping was a breeze. Speaking of breeze, the weather was sooooo beautiful. Like sunny-and-75-beautiful. There was one day that it rained, but I’ll take rain over oppressive heat any day. We all toughed it out in the rain for awhile, but eventually decided to take a day trip … [Read more...]

Two 3-year-olds, and 6 weeks gestation!


Yesterday, we celebrated the girls’ 3rd Birthday. It’s crazy to even type that! THREE YEARS? We planted willow trees when they were born, and each year we take pics of them with their tree on their birthday! They know which tree is theirs, and are sure to point it out every time we’re out for a walk on that part of the acreage. They were looking into the sun in these pics… and Della literally had tears in her eyes. Oops! Should have done it earlier in the day! Check out their pics from previous years! The willow trees haven’t grown … [Read more...]

Patio Installation {Part 2}


This has been ONE OF THOSE PROJECTS. The kind where on multiple occasions, we look wearily at each other and telepathically say ‘what were we thinking?’ …because we don’t have the energy to actually say it out loud. We left you last time at this point: Nick is such a hard worker… and actually ENJOYS this kind of stuff (to a degree), so I lucked out there for sure. Since we already had the base level gravel laid, the next step was to lay the medium gravel. This layer needs to be LEVEL… with a slight grade for water run-off. This process is … [Read more...]

Rocky Road Brownies {Cupcakes w/ Sprinkles}


Hey! Its Meghan from Cupcakes with Sprinkles back to share something amazing with you. Perfect for your 4th of July celebrations!! Its a soft, chewy, rich, gooey, and chocolatey brownie that's topped with more chocolate, marshmallows, and walnuts. You should make them and only share them if you have to, cause they are so good!! So lets get all the things we need, grease a 9x13 pan, and preheat your oven to 350 degrees... In a large bowl whisk together the cocoa and baking soda... Add in 1/3 cup of the butter and … [Read more...]

Little dresser turned ‘LITTER’ Dresser


We’ve had this little dresser in the garage for awhile now. There’s nothing special about it, but there’s a fun story about how we acquired it. On our local Facebook ‘For Sale’ page, a lady was trying to sell this dresser for $15. Even though that’s a decent price, I wasn’t really interested just because I didn’t need anything like it at the time. But then I read the comments below the post, and someone commented… ‘I’ll give you $7, and YOU deliver to me.’ And she agreed. I couldn’t believe it! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! So I commented … [Read more...]

Scrolly Scalloped Mirror Tutorial


Now that I’m pregnant (omg I still can’t TRULY wrap my mind around that) there are a lot of things I can’t do DIY-wise. Fumes are no-bueno for this mama, so that means no painting, staining, polying, adhesive-ing, etc. ‘Sooooo what does that leave’… you ask? Well sewing, but… for the most part: NO THANKS. Although I did make these adorable wrap-around blouses for the girls that I’m pretty darn proud of. So if I’m not sewing, that leaves WOOD. And power tools. And these new restrictions are actually redirecting my creativity and I find myself … [Read more...]

Bad news and good news…


I try to sneak in cute pictures of the girls in my posts, thus staying away from ‘camera dumps’ of my adorable offspring. But some pictures just don’t fit with the theme of a post… and are too cute not to be seen! Plus, I still do think of this little blog as a diary of sorts. A few days ago, the girls were running with the  kittens, and Della face-planted on the concrete. There was a LOT of blood and tears, and all she wanted was to be comforted by her sister. When the blood cleared and the weeping subsided, we realized that she … [Read more...]