Meet Cypress Jean


If you don’t follow on Instagram or Facebook (which you totally should), you probably figured out by my blogging absence that we might have birthed a little child. And you’d be right! Meet Cypress Jean! She was born on Monday (the 23rd), weighing in at 9 lbs 13oz. She’s a hefty girl! And we love her SO MUCH. I’m still recovering from my c-section, and Cypress and I are still getting to know each other… so I’ll be spending some time soaking up family and the new dynamic in our home, rather than being in front of the computer for the … [Read more...]

Operation Laundry Room {The Backsplash}


As promised, we’re back with the tile installation in the ‘Luxury Laundry Suite’. I call it that because it’s so obnoxiously awesome. So awesome in fact… Nick and I pulled some chairs in and drank our coffee in there this morning. That’s actually a lie. But we seriously considered it. ({click here for a recap of this whole room transformation}} As you know, we have strong opinions about backsplashes. We still LOVE our Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash in the upstairs bathroom, but we’re definitely known for our mannnny backsplashes that … [Read more...]

Operation Laundry Room {Shaker Cabinets}


It occurred to me that we haven’t done an update on Operation Laundry Room since before Christmas. Oopsy! Nick has been finishing up some big things in this ‘luxury laundry SUITE’  (ha!) so I figger it’s time to let you in on the magic. This is where we left ya last time. If you haven’t been following for the last year, click here for a quick update with before pics and details on what we’ve done so far. So as you know, the vanity was built from scratch from poplar, with a shaker cabinet style… designed and built by Nick.. So that … [Read more...]

Nursery Plans and Pom Pom /Garland Ideas

Pom Pom cluster with garland for above crib

People been askin’ How’s the nursery coming along? I’m here to tell you… I still love the nursery the way it is. AND we’re having another girl. So why? WHY? Almost everything in this nursery was DIYed by yours truly and the man child, and we furnished and decorated it for less than $400. (Find all the details of this room, including tons of tutorials HERE!) I would say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ …except I don’t believe that at all. If it ain’t broke, but you don’t like it or use it anymore, then BY ALL MEANS get rid … [Read more...]

A little kitchen switcheroo


So the layout of our kitchen is a little strange. This random little piece of cabinetry next to the pantry… it just looks out of place. All of it. Another thing that looks out of place is this random little corner of the kitchen. Here’s another view. Something needs to go there, right? So one fine day, whilst Nick was innocently at work, I took a crowbar and my cordless drill, and started removing some cabinetry. I honestly thought that I could modify these cabinets to be built-in corner cabinets. As it turns out, I was wrong about … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Fudge


Hi! Its Meghan from Cupcakes with Sprinkles, I love being here! Because its Valentines Day this month I figured we could have something a little more rich, you know cause we're celebrating all the loves in our lives. We always have a fun dinner with our extended family on Valentines Day full of things that are red. Spaghetti, garlic bread with the butter colored red, strawberry Jell-O, and a red dessert. This is the red dessert we'll be having this year! Red Velvet Fudge. Its rich, sweet, and oh so creamy. It has the red velvet flavor we … [Read more...]

The making of the baby quilt!


If you’re new to our blog (or haven’t checked in for awhile)… first of all, WE’RE PREGNANT! And I decided I wanted to make a baby quilt for the little tyke. We thought it would be fun if you guys would send us scraps of fabric as your own little contribution to the quilt. I love things that are sentimental like that! Fabric started flooding in, and it was the highlight of my week to check our PO box each Thursday while the girls were in preschool. Many of you wrote the sweetest notes and/or shared a story about why the fabric they were … [Read more...]

Dining Room Curtains AT LAST!


  Recall for a moment my indecisiveness. For some reason, pulling the trigger on anything curtain-related makes me feel a little anxious and itchy. I liked each of these swatches for my dining room for different reasons, but none of them were screaming PICK ME! And I gave them several months for them to speak to me. Until one day, the Online Fabric Store posted this fabric on their instagram. I loved EVERYTHING about it. And it had to be mine. The varying shades of charcoal, the pattern/texture, the boldness and … [Read more...]

Confessions, twins, and a 35 week baby bump


I have a confession… I can’t handle clutter. It makes me crazy. Like I literally feel like I’m losing it. I’m constantly tidying up as I go about my day. I don’t leave a room without grabbing something that’s out of place to take it to it’s rightful home. I didn’t realize how out-of-control it was until I started slowing down in my 3rd trimester. I just can’t keep up. We’ve all seen this little diagram, haven’t we? I know I should be able to let it go and just enjoy my family and my pregnancy, and this beautiful chapter of our … [Read more...]

Modifying Bamboo Shades to fit your windows


We haven’t talked about our Living Room in quite awhile. Ain’t nothing going on in this room but lots of blanket-tent-building, pretend picnics, and episodes of Daniel Tiger (hey, at least it’s educational-ish). I’m still loving the board and batten, stencil, and curtains… even though it’s all a little more formal than my taste. I mean, maybe even bordering on Downton Abbey styley. Ok, maybe not an exact representation… but you get my drift. Anyway! I’ve been wanting some woven bamboo-type blinds FOREVER. I love the natural element … [Read more...]