Faux Planked Table Transformation


Good morning and good Tuesday to you! I wanted to post yesterday, but I was overcome with the Monday-ness of the day, and ended up wandering aimlessly in my pajamas, eating Nutter Butters. But today is a new day! And I have a fun furniture transformation to share! So last year at this time, we were feverishly painting backsplashes to save for our fertility treatments. One of our lovely clients (hi Patti!) gave us this table and chairs because she was moving and needed to get rid of it. It was a sturdy little set, and I loved the character … [Read more...]

Cypress’ Newborn Pics {Molly Long Photography}


I know I’ve been talking about my baby a lot lately… but you’ll have to give me a pass because I recently birthed her from my loins and I’m kinda obsessed with her. Nevermind the fact that I NOT ONLY waited 9 uncomfortable months to finally meet her, but we also worked our a$$es off to be able to pay for the fertility treatments that ultimately resulted in her cuteness. So there’s that. She’s weaseled her way into our hearts, and dictates our entire day… some days are productive, and some days we do a whole lotta nothin’. And that’s … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Ironing Board Wall Organizer


I’ve been doing a whole lotta nothin since Cypress was born. We snuggle, she has a bottle, I change her diaper, and then she naps. It’s a 3 hour rotation we’ve got her on, and it’s glorious. I’ve gotten no less than 9 hours of sleep each night since she’s been born. (don’t hate!) But! A girl can only be idle for so long. I need to have a project in the works, or I start feeling very unproductive and worthless. It’s just my personality. Nick has love-hate feelings about this quality of mine. Nevertheless! There was a storage conundrum … [Read more...]

Mommy Guilt


I'm not sure if it's having an infant in the house again, or the fact that we're now a family of 5 instead of 4... there's definitely a different family dynamic. It not a bad thing, but it something we're still getting used to. While the girls adore their new little sister, I sometimes worry that they feel neglected or that I like the baby more than them. They don't necessarily act that way. But the other day while I was giving Cypress a bottle, Paisley said 'when you're done taking care of the baby, can you take care of me?' Insert … [Read more...]

Biscoff Cream Pie

Biscoff Cream Pie {Cupcakes with Sprinkles} - Copy

Its Meghan from Cupcakes with Sprinkles and this time I have a different kind of pie for you! Its light and fluffy, sweet and creamy, with a chocolate cookie crust. I love me some Biscoff Cookie Spread. I've made a few other things with Biscoff... Biscoff Pinwheels, Biscoff Muddy Buddies, Biscoff No Bake Cookies, and now I'll add this amazing pie to the list! Lets get our ingredients and make ourselves a pie!! In a small bowl mix together the cookie crumbs and butter until combined. Press into a 9 inch pie pan... In the bowl of a … [Read more...]

Cypress’s Weekly Photo Project


If you’ve been around our blog for awhile, you might remember our photo project of how we took pictures of the twins every Friday for the first year of their life in the same orange chair. (click here to see them all!) As that first year wore on, it started getting old and I would dread their ‘Orange Chair Photoshoots’ because it stressed me out trying to get them to both look cute at the same time with good lighting and all that mess. But I wanted to finish out the year… and I’m so glad I did! I made photo books for each of the girls with … [Read more...]

A Birth Story {Cypress Jean}


Hi friends! I’ve been missing you! OKAY, maybe not missing you per se, but missing writing and documenting our little lives. The whole reason I started my blog in the first place was to share all the new and exciting adventures that were going on in my life as a newly wed and a brand new homeowner. And having a new baby in the house is definitely an adventure. Sharing a birth story seems like so deeply personal. I wanted to wait till I had a couple hours of uninterrupted time to really sit down and beautifully recollect those first … [Read more...]

Operation Laundry Room {The Backsplash}


As promised, we’re back with the tile installation in the ‘Luxury Laundry Suite’. I call it that because it’s so obnoxiously awesome. So awesome in fact… Nick and I pulled some chairs in and drank our coffee in there this morning. That’s actually a lie. But we seriously considered it. ({click here for a recap of this whole room transformation}} As you know, we have strong opinions about backsplashes. We still LOVE our Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash in the upstairs bathroom, but we’re definitely known for our mannnny backsplashes that … [Read more...]

Operation Laundry Room {Shaker Cabinets}


It occurred to me that we haven’t done an update on Operation Laundry Room since before Christmas. Oopsy! Nick has been finishing up some big things in this ‘luxury laundry SUITE’  (ha!) so I figger it’s time to let you in on the magic. This is where we left ya last time. If you haven’t been following for the last year, click here for a quick update with before pics and details on what we’ve done so far. So as you know, the vanity was built from scratch from poplar, with a shaker cabinet style… designed and built by Nick.. So that … [Read more...]

Nursery Plans and Pom Pom /Garland Ideas

Pom Pom cluster with garland for above crib

People been askin’ How’s the nursery coming along? I’m here to tell you… I still love the nursery the way it is. AND we’re having another girl. So why? WHY? Almost everything in this nursery was DIYed by yours truly and the man child, and we furnished and decorated it for less than $400. (Find all the details of this room, including tons of tutorials HERE!) I would say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ …except I don’t believe that at all. If it ain’t broke, but you don’t like it or use it anymore, then BY ALL MEANS get rid … [Read more...]