A little addition to the big-girl room!

Good morning friends! Did you have a wonderful Christmas?

The girls weren’t really sure what was going on, but once they got to opening presents, they were definitely on-board with the whole Christmas thing.

christmas morning

I think they’ll understand the magic of Christmas (and the true meaning) better next year. But we had a great day being home with our little family and making memories with the girls.

Speaking of the girls, they still have not transitioned to their toddler beds yet… and I’m thanking my lucky stars. Partly because I’m still enjoying their confinement, and partly because THE ROOM IS NOT DONE! It’s been on the back burner for a few weeks while I search out the perfect size dresser. You know me… very picky and hopeless tight-wad. For a half-a second, I considered using this little dresser we had in our garage… but it was a little SMALL. And also PURPLE.

Herringbone Stenciled Accent Wall with Toddler Bed  Fainting Couches {Sawdust and Emrbyos}

We wanted a dresser on the smaller side for that space (just not THAT SMALL) because we didn’t want it to cover up all that work I did stenciling the herringbone wall, and our upholstery skillz on the Toddler Bed / Fainting Couches. Plus, I just wanted the dresser to act more as a barrier to break up that blank space and make the girls feel like they have their own little corner in the room.

The more I thought about it, the more stipulations I came up with for this dresser:

  • Approx 35-40” wide and 35-40” tall. And not necessarily square… just within those dimensions.
  • Not Painted… just plain stained wood. Because I like to throw natural wood pieces into my designs similar to all these gorgeous inspiration photos.
  • Simple/clean lines and potentially with a mid-century feel.
  • OLD with some character and years of love, yet structurally sound… basically I wanted it to be ‘turn key’.
  • I budgeted myself $50 AT THE MOST.

Now, I scoured craigslist pretty much daily. And fumbled through many-a-thrift store. When finally… FINALLY… I came upon this:

Fullscreen capture 12182013 31341 PM.bmp

It was my everything.

I know it doesn’t seem very special, but I think you’ll learn to appreciate it as the room slowly comes together.

Progress on Paisley and Adelyn's big-girl room {Sawdust and Embryos}

I’m considering changing out the pulls and using campaign hardware. I love campaign dressers and the industrial feel that the hardware brings. But I haven’t gotten that far yet… so we’ll see!

I’m finishing up a little somethin-somethin for this room that I’ll be back to share after the weekend! Now that the dresser part is figured out… things are about to start HAPPENING!

Have an inspired day!Sawdust and Embryos


  1. Love the dresser… IMMEDIATELY when I saw the wall I imagined dark wood in the just makes the wall pop even more and looks so gorgeous.

  2. I love how the round knobs of the dresser make the tufted buttons in the “beds” pop!

  3. That wall and those beds are crazy amazing! I love the simplicity of the wooden dresser too! Can’t wait for the finished product!

  4. I just love that dresser. It brings the whole room together.

  5. You guys are such an inspiration. The dresser is perfect and certainly sets the décor off perfectly. Secretly I’ve adopted the girls as my GDs. I have 2 GD and 1 GGD … but a family can’t have too many GC. I never tire of reading about the girls, they are so adorable and sweet.

  6. Oh my gosh! How incredibly adorable is this big girl room!! Love love!! :-)

  7. I absolutely love it! The dresser will be a great anchor on the wall! Once we get Tenley out of her crib we plan to build her bed and am totally jealous by the space y’all have in there!!

  8. Have I missed the post on those awesome little fainting couch beds? I want to know more about those!

  9. It’s PERFECT! I love warm wood. And I love the comment from Sandy about how she’s adopted your girls. So sweet!

  10. I love that new dresser! It instantly brought that whole space together.

  11. Not to throw a wet blanket on this and all, but unless you put some railing on the side of the bed, your girls will fall out of bed nightly, possibly cracking their cute little heads on the what-looks-like sort of sharp edges of the base of the dresser. Of course, you can always put some little throw pillows down there until they learn to sleep without falling out of bed. Just a thought.

    • Jackson… we appreciate your concern, but honestly we’re not worried about it. These beds are very close to the ground as-is, and if they fall out… they fall out! If it was something where they could seriously hurt themselves, that would be a different story. We’re planning to put a pool noodle under the fitted sheet to create a ‘lip’ around the edge of the toddler mattress, so that should help some.

      • I only mention it because my two kids fall out of bed all the time. We hear this in the middle of the night. Fortunately we have raised wood floors, so no one gets too damaged. We’ve resorted to rolling an office chair next to my two year old daughter’s bed.

  12. So glad I saw this follow up on the girls room. I have been wondering about your choice. It looks great!!!

  13. Iowa City? I was so close to you this last week and didn’t even know it (although I did think about you and wondered if I was near you)! Cute dresser, too.

  14. Beth,
    I thought I would peek back at your blog to see if you had any dresser updates. Thanks for posting this. I adore that room (and especially the fainting couch beds)! It honestly makes me happy to see the dresser being used in such a great space. I would have been bummed if some college kid had bought and then subsequently trashed it. Good luck with all your New Year projects. I’ll be sending “sticky” thoughts your way this spring :)

    • Awww thanks Rachel! We love the dresser and think it looks perfect in the twins’ big-girl room. Thanks for hooking us up! And thanks for the ‘sticky thoughts’… HAHA! I hope you’re feeling well and excited for your little one!


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