Operation Laundry Room {DEMO}

So we have this GIANT BATHROOM on the main level of our home. It’s wasted space. Might as well put up a disco ball and have a dance party.

Downstairs bathroom BEFORE PIC {Sawdust and Embryos}

I mean…what.is.UP with that useless cove to the left of the useless stand-up shower? AWKWARD.

Downstairs Beth BEFORE PICS {Sawdust and Embryos}

Ever since we moved into our house, I’ve tossed and turned at night… dreaming of this room being my perfect fantasy laundry room. Front-load washer/dryer, wide expanse of counter space for folding, floating shelves with baskets, and cabinets a-plenty.

Is that too much to ask for? IS IT?

You might be wondering where the washer/dryer is located now? In… my… PANTRY. Remember? My dirty underwear and my box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch SHOULD NOT be in the same vicinity… ew. And think of how nice it would be if we could build more shelves down to the floor in the pantry to accommodate my once-a-month grocery shopping? (can you tell I’m a dreamer?)


Between giftcards and an obnoxiously awesome sale… we recently acquired a front load washer and dryer. And this was the jumpstart we needed to get moving on making these laundry-room-dreams a reality!

First things first? REMOVE THE SHOWER which is framed in by walls on either side.

PC072824 PC072825 PC082847

For a hot second, we thought about selling this stand-up shower on craigslist, because it’s nice and in good shape.


And then THIS happened.


I mean… we could.not.get.it.out. There were crow bars involved, and sledge hammers. It was a pretty serious problem. And it takes a LOT for Nick to be stumped.

There's a First time for EVERYTHING! {Sawdust and Embryos}

So it was time to get out the circular saw and take care of business.


PC082884 PC082886

Then it was just a matter of tearing out the 2×4’s that framed in the shower. We’ll reuse these to build the sub-wall that will house the plumbing for the washer/dryer… next on the docket!


Next thing? Re-routing the plumbing and building that sub-wall so that our plumbing won’t freeze being on the north wall. Then flooring!

Removed the shower! {Sawdust and Embryos}

Can you picture it? Cabinets and counters and floating shelves? I have so many plans… I can barely contain myself! Do you love this little rendering I mocked up for you? I mostly did it for myself so I can picture it and get more excited!


And as much as I love that scrolly mural on the east wall… the burnt orange just isn’t doing it for me these days. So the room will be getting a new paint job at some point too.This will be an ongoing project (OBVIOUSLY) so stay tuned! And stay warm! (shivers)

Sawdust and Embryos


  1. Anita Overton says:

    I think it’s every mother’s dream to have a luxurious laundry room. Once you have at least 1 kid your Mt. Washmore seems to triple, so why not have a peaceful space to do your most likely least favorite chore? Will this room still have the bathroom components in it too? I can’t wait to see more!

  2. I LOVE DEMO! And room make overs! I’m excited to see it come together, and for you to get you a full pantry! So much excitement!

  3. I am jealous. I’m sure you know this, but for anyone else who might be reading it and who are more like me/my relatives: Remember to put down the right pans/drain stuff. It is awkward if you cause floor damage without one. Like “put a foot through the floor and be stuck for about an hour until someone else gets home while wondering if the rest of the floor is going to break under you” sort of awkward.

    • Haha! That’s such an awesome story! I’m so glad you lived to tell it, and warn others if the dangers. :)

      • To be fair, it was not my parent’s fault entirely… some previous homeowner had built the laundry room and my parents just put the machines where the hook-ups were. And then there was a small leak that no one saw, and it was over this awkward creepy cold cellar thing that was also under the stairs nobody wanted to go in and so no one knew it was leaking.

  4. It’s going to be so awesome! Are you going to miss the extra shower though??

  5. so exciting! having laundry on the first floor is life changing, haha.

  6. As much as I am happy you are getting a new laundry room, I hate it that you are going to cover that mural! I love that mural! It is beautiful! I would love that thing at my house!

  7. all your diy projects are so inspiring! thank you for sharing! I am so curious about your once a month grocery shopping. i would love to be at the grocery store once a month, i’m there at least once a week!

    • Yessel, since we live out in the country, it’s just more convenient to shop once a month. It just means being SUPER organized with meals and grocery lists… and instead of fresh produce we buy a lot of frozen. Next year we’re planning to have a bigger garden and do some canning!

  8. Consider building a platform for your front loader to sit on! The risers you can buy for them are terrible, but a nice, level platform ROCKS! Just sayin’.

  9. I like the huge laundry room your going to have. I personally would center the washer and dryer so that you can get the door open all the way. its easier to load and unload stuff that way. I would also build a platform its so much easier on you back in the long run. Good luck love your blog.

  10. Wow, exciting! One day I’ll have the time and the house to do all this.. maybe.

  11. Our upstairs bathroom is ridiculously large (was a bedroom) but our downstairs is ridiculously tiny. We tried and tried and tried to get the washer/dryer in the downstairs bathroom and it just wouldn’t work. So, it’s still in the basement.

    Your new laundry room will be amazing and that pantry is to die for!

  12. Hey there! Your laundry room is going to look awesome! Just a little tidbit…I haven’t been getting your feed in BlogLovin’. Are you aware of the problem? When I click on your blog, it says, “At the moment we are unable to retrieve posts from this blog.” I even tried “unfollowing” then “following” again and it’s still not showing up. :(

    Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  13. Oh, wow!!! So very jealous – with 5 kids, I have ALWAYS wanted an actual laundry room….I am more than grateful for having a washer and dryer (which I didn’t always Have) – 1st in the kitchen, now the garage – but an actual room, just to do laundry……*dreaming sweet dreams*

    You guys are amazing – Love how creative and open to life you are – keep up the good/difficult/challenging/inspiring work!!!


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