An update of sorts

This has been one of those weeks where a lot of DIY has been happening… but not a lot that might interest you. For example, feast your eyes on Nick’s progress in our ‘Future Laundry Room / Bathroom’.


That’s right. Nick built a sub-wall, and began the proceedings for what will be all the plumbing/electrical mumbo jumbo that hides behind the washer and dryer. How the boy knows how to do these things… I may never know. We’ll be doing an update on this room as soon as things start really happening! (If you missed it, you can read about our plans for this room here)

*I* on the other hand have been finishing up what’s left of our Etsy Explosion of 2013. Along with a little decorative painting for Christmas gifts and a certain baby gift for a friend. And I’m proud to say I got Christmas cards out at an appropriate time this year!

photo 1 (1) photo 4
nov 280 nov 212


The girls have been pretty preoccupied with being adorable. They are busy little ladies with strong opinions and strong wills. But they’re also so tender and affectionate toward each other… which is THE SWEETEST THING to watch. My biggest fear as a twin mommy is that they won’t be friends. So far so good.

nov 199photo 2 nov 272photo 3
nov 255 nov 328
nov 266 nov 325

OH! And we painted two backsplashes last weekend! In case you’re out of the loop, we’re saving again for InVitro (we have two remaining frozen embryos), and are painting backsplashes exclusively to this end. As in, we’re challenging ourselves to paint 20 backsplashes to have enough for our 2nd round of IVF… and we only have 14 left! Ideally, we’ll be ready to get the ball rolling late-spring / early-summer. Exciting!

nov 293 nov 319

If you’re REALLY out of the loop… we paint backsplashes to resemble tile. You can learn more about the process here, and see a ton of before/after examples here!

I know I’ve said this before… but it’s really hard not to assume that both embryos will grow into human beings. The chances that both will ‘take’ are not in our favor. But we can hope. I will be overjoyed with just one. And I know that I could very well end up with an empty womb and an empty wallet. So there’s THAT. But let’s not get all down in the dumps. Because IT’S FRIDAY!

What are you doing this weekend?

Sawdust and Embryos


  1. I love watching the girls grow up, they are so adorable.

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    I have loved following your blog. My daughter is pregnant with identical twin boys (my first grandchildren) and hearing your wonderful stories of your twin girls is inspiring and awesome. Please know that I am praying for your upcoming IVF and the babies!!!

  3. YAYYYY Beth!!!! I am SO glad to hear you are trying for another!!!! Good luck on your 2nd round of IVF and PLEASE keep us all posted!!!!!! Are you going to do another blog documenting your journey in the second round? I must say that I found your inconceivable blog SO incredibly helpful when I was going through the shots and egg retrieval process. You will be in my prayers! I will def keep you posted on mine too, FET in Feb….. 12 snow babies waiting….. transferring two! Here we go……. :) Lets DO this!

  4. OR you could end up with triplets! I saw a news story of a lady who had two eggs implanted-both took and then one split into identical twins!

  5. Dana Schoppe says:

    wow!!! it’s moving right along!!! I can’t wait to see it done!!! (and you know, with the fresh laundry smell – it would be similar to a mini-vaca when in there doing the big business.
    hey a thought!!!! with the re-do of the bathroom & since things are kinda torn up anyway – you should get a taller stool base – that way Tall Boy Nick & prego you will be more comfortable on the throne ;)

    yeah, i’m always thinking… this (pointing to head) rarely shuts off from thinking. LOL

  6. Dana Schoppe says:

    oh and triplets!!!!! that would be awesome!!!

  7. Good luck, guys! I’ll be waiting for news. LOL about the quad and triplet comments. THAT would be just crazy. :-)

  8. Beth and Nick,

    I pray everyday that you guys get as many back-splashes as possible to paint and save up your cash quickly!!! I also can’t wait to hear the news that you have officially started the process again! I would love to watch as you grow more babies, as you are the craftiess person when your growing people. “I’m so crafty I make people!” Loving the girls room! Can’t wait to see it done!!! <3

  9. Thanks for thinking of us Diane. We’re very hopeful!

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