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Random Matters

Oh man, whatta weekend y’all!

Friday, after much deliberation, we purchased a new (to us) vehicle! The Jeep was on it’s last leg, and we knew it was time. Thanks to all of you that weighed in on the van vs crossover debate on our Facebook page! We ended up driving home a 2006 Honda Odyssey, and I’m completely smitten with it. So roomy, so convenient… and there are no smashed Cheerio’s on the carpet. Nick and I have vowed to keep it clean. But we also vowed to never let our kids eat in vehicles… and you know we failed if there are smooshed Cheerio’s present.


We also painted a backsplash for a client this weekend. If you’re unfamiliar with our backsplash-painting-shenanigans, click here to learn all about it! And here’s a tutorial on how we pull it off!

PAINT your backsplash to look like tile!! {Sawdust and Embryos}

There’s been a lot of THIS going on lately:


Not to mention Facebook twice or anything, but if you follow along with us over there, you know that some of my work has been taken without giving credit. You might be surprised, but this happens all the time with us bloggers. We love it when people like our work enough to share it on their blog or facebook page, and direct their friends/readers to come check out our fun project! But when they take the photos and post them as their own, well… THAT’S STEALING intellectual property. And even though everything on my website is copyrighted, there’s not much I can do about it.

It’s just hard to see your photos go viral on Facebook and Pinterest and have some other website or group getting all the credit and traffic from it. As a blogger, I know that everything I post is out there for the whole world to see. I wouldn’t post them if I wasn’t completely ok with that. But like all other DIY bloggers, we spend a LOT of time on our various projects… photographing each step of the way, editing photos, and composing a well-thought-out post explaining the process.

I started watermarking my photos about a year ago, but this particular post was from before that. There’s no way for me to go back and update every single post. But for my Crafting with Twinfants post, I’ve gone and made a collage with our name on it for people to share and Pin all they like!

Butterfly Footprint Craft {Sawdust and Embryos}

Thanks to all you momma-bear-types that stuck up for me and declared WAR! That FB group ended up writing me an apology email, deleting the photo, and reposting using a link to our post. We’re grateful that they took the time to make things right.

While we don’t make a full-on income from blogging, we do make some side-cash to help fund our projects and put gas in our vehicles. And since we get paid based on our number of pageviews, we’re grateful every time our readers enjoy a project enough to pin it or share it on their Facebook page. Just that simple act helps us keep things running around here! And because of this recent situation, we missed out on a LOT of traffic… but it’s not about the money for us. We just want to be credited for our work. Is that too much to ask?

*SIGH* …I’m over it. Really.

Ok so, GREAT NEWS! The crown molding IS FINISHED! And it is splendid on so many levels.


Nick is writing an amazing and detailed crown molding tutorial, so you can look forward to that tomorrow, along with the big reveal! And we have a surprise for you on Friday that may or may not involve hundreds of dollars worth of power tools. What what? YEP!Bethany {Sawdust and Embryos}

Happy Monday one and all!

Living Room Crown Molding Reveal and Tutorial (Part 1)
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  • calcottc

    LOVE the van (We have a 08 Odyssey and LOVE it). You made a great choice and I LOVE the color. Mine is Navy Blue but looks a little bit more like the color of mud right now :(
    I’ve read so many posts about people closing their blogs this week due to picture theft, nasty comments and even threats. I’m glad you got things settled and we will still get to see all of your awesome back splashes, furniture and of course those cutie pies.

  • Anonymous

    So, this might seem like a strange question but–oh well, I’ll ask anyway! I always read (and love) your blog posts but I subscribe to them via Google Reader rather than constantly visiting the blog to see if there are updates. Do bloggers who generate income based on site traffic get “credit” for readers who read the content on externally aggregated sites? Or does it only count if I actually go to your page? ‘Cause I’d be most happy to actually visit the sites of all my favorite blogs every time I read a post, I just never really thought of it mattering before!

    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      That’s not a strange question at all! I actually didn’t know until recently… when any blogs’ posts are read through a reader feed, it doesn’t count as page view for that blog.

    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      Which bites, but it’s ok :)

  • D Schoppe


    and of course CONGRATS on the photo battle- soo glad they were decent people to make it right 😉


  • Lori C

    I don’t usually comment, but I always view your page! And good for you for calling out the cheaters that stole your work!! Shame on them! Congrats on the van, hope it’s great for the family, and we all know -*there will be cheerios in there shortly* :)

    Looking forward to the reveal of your living room, all that stenciling was amazing! And thanks for the give away in advance!

  • Shannon Carmichael

    Im soooo glad they resolved the matter in a professional way, I was very mad for you and maybe voiced my opinion too loudly lol, but I love your blog and you needed the credit, glad everything is better :)

  • SandyQuilts

    So so glad you found a van that will serve you for many years. I love my full size van. It’s great to haul things around and go to the beach. AND so happy we helped get that apology for you on your idea. So sorry for the crying episodes … this too shall pass. I’m looking for to Nick’s tutorial for my SIL. Happy Days

  • Tina

    So, I have never, ever, ever commented on a blog before. I’ve been a regular reader of many, but never commented. But, I recently joined a FB group, and recognized your girls’ names in a photo of the butterfly footprint craft. I thought it had to be the same group you mentioned. However, I just checked, and it looks like they still have the picture posted with no credit to you.
    I am going to try to add a link to your post in the comments section there, but please let me know if I can help in any other way! I’ve seen many of “my bloggers” posting about this thievery, it’s almost like watching a friend be robbed. Ugh!

  • ashley @ my craftily ever after

    I also have a honda odyssey (05) and I love it. I mean I totally cried when we started minivan shopping (no seriously, there were tears), but i love how practical and roomy it is. Once you’re in it you forget that you are driving a minivan!! I also have a just turned three year old and I am all to familiar with that face, did I mention that i also have a 7 year old and a 1 year old and I nanny for a 5, 3 and 1 year old as well (hello minivan)!

    I love your blog, your back splash painting inspired the beginning of what will probably be a long drawn out laundry room redo, but I am in love with the way they look!!

    I also have an add on question about the google reader subject. I know that when I read posts on my phone via the reader app they don’t count :( but when i use my browsers “next” button does that count for you? Hope so! It is so time consuming to do it the “old fashioned” way!! get with it people and let the reader count!!!

  • Anonymous
    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      UGH… this is so frustrating! Thank you for pointing it out. I went over there and said they were my photos and gave the link to my blog. But, as usual, the damage is already done. It’s been shared over 800 times on FB with no link at all. Can’t believe people. Thanks for sticking up for me!

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Now that I look it was just posted within the hour and has over 1,800 likes & 2,000 shares. She does not take credit for it but the watermark is also not yours.