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Tweaking the attic… and a new addition to the LR

So, yesterday was a rough day for me…. a lot of snot and whining. And the girls were pretty crabby too… HA! I crack myself up. But seriously, it just gets to me after awhile, and I know that I need to change my attitude.

Or take a vacation.

Last night, the girls weren’t eating their supper, and they were fussy, and I had a migraine… so we got pajamas on and all went to bed (including me) at 5:30 (no joke), and all went right to sleep.

While the girls proceeded to sleep for 14 hours, I myself woke up at 4:00… bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

So what do I do? The only thing that seemed logical… I rearranged the attic.

Until recently, our attic has been a place for storage… and hasn’t really been a livable space. I wish I could show you a before picture, but I didn’t think to take one at 4am. My apologies.

This is an OLD picture, but you see how it’s a nice wide-open room. Also, please note that the Pistachio Green was not our doing, nor will it remain that color forever. We’re picking our battles at the moment.


Recently, we took our retro brown sectional couch (which is probably the only couch, let alone sectional, that would EVER fit up both sets of stairs) to our 3rd floor.


We also took up the daybed that was my saving grace while I was pregnant with the twins (after painting it charcoal gray). Do you remember?


And most recently, (after reading THIS tragic, sad, terrifying story) we also banished our TV from the living room to the attic. And posted the TV stand for sale on the list-of-craig.

We don’t watch much TV anyways (*cough*except*cough*DowntonAbbey*cough*)


So you might be wondering what’s LEFT in our living room? Allow me to show you:



If you’re wondering about our ‘new’ couch… we’re couch-sitting (both figuratively AND literally). You see, my sister saw this couch at a thrift store, and shamelessly declared that it was the couch of her dreams. Her taste is, um… different… than mine.


Although, now that it’s in my living room, I don’t hate it

Anyway, my mom bought it for her as a Christmas present, but since she lives in the dorms and won’t be getting an apartment until August, we volunteered to ‘couch-sit’ for her until she’s ready to bring it home and love it as her own.

This gives us exactly 7 months to save for a new living room set! Because the good lord knows we’re not hauling that sectional down from the 3rd floor… like EVER.

That brings me back to the attic! (you just witnessed my mind go full circle)

And now it looks like this! This is what you see when you reach the top of the stairs…


And then I just walked around the perimeter of the room taking pics for ya.






Did you enjoy your tour of our attic?

Did I mention I wish I would have taken before pictures?

As you can see in the background of that last picture, the massive closet that we revamped and added shelving for lots of organized storage is very… exposed. And while it may be organized, it’s still looks cluttered… ew. I’m planning to put curtains over it to cover it up, but whatevs for now.

I mean, obviously we haven’t ‘decorated’ this room yet (like the kitchen, nursery, master bedroom, and sooooon (I hope?) the living room. The attic is not even on our to-do list at this point, so don’t hold your breath.

My favorite part of my attic rearrange is that there’s a ‘zone’ for the daybed that feels separate from the living area of the room. And there’s still plenty of room for playing foosball and the piano!

Anybody want to come over and hang out?

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Poor Pais...
  • Anonymous

    I like it! What a great space. The girls will have a hang out when they have sleepovers. Yes, I want to come hang out, maybe I’ll learn some DIY from you, and love the girls a little. They are a blessing and too cute. Mary in NY

  • Anonymous

    I like it! So different than when I was there. I love how open your living room is now without that wall. Where are the girls’ toys, I wonder?
    Love Cryst

    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      If you look at the first ‘recent’ pic of our living room, there the girls’ little children’s table? There are 3 baskets underneath were we keep the girls’ toys. :)

      Speaking of, did you see your Exersaucer in that pic with the TV? HEHE! Wish I could contain them in that thing NOW!

  • Cecilia Marie

    that looks like the perfect lil place to hang out! Very cozy! I just love your blog! you guys are such a cute family!

  • Kenz @ Interiors by Kenz

    This looks like such a fun bonus room. I’ve always wanted an attic to hang out in. We do not have that luxury. At least we have a basement fun room. Oh, and your furniture looks really fun up there.

  • Meagan B.

    Oh Beth, that story was so heart breaking. I almost couldn’t finish it. A friend of mine shared it on FB and so did I. I am most definitely going home to anchor the stuff at our house that is not already done. We just got a new flatscreen and low entertainment center for it to sit on for Christmas and the girls can’t reach the tv, but I am still scared something will happen. They are also all about opening drawers nowadays, I’m sure it’s not long before they start climbing on/in them too. I read another story recently about a set of 3 year old twin boys that both died on the same day after having tonsil and adenoidectomies, then our ENT mentions that he thinks Macy might have to have her adenoids out… So scary. Is there ANYTHING in this world a mommy doesn’t worry about?! It’s overwhelming! X2!!

    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      It’s true Meagan! I used to be SUCH A carefree person, and now I’m about as paranoid as they come. :) At least when it comes to parenting.

  • Paul

    I do!


  • Amanda Sandoval

    It’s like a guest-suite! wish I had an attic like that

  • MrsTerri

    Love the attic!! WOW!

  • Carla Belyea

    I want to have an attic like that!

  • Anonymous

    thank you for sharing the link for the tragic story about securing furniture. i had no idea this post about your attic would end up hitting me so hard. i passed on to several friends. i have climbers at home, and yet never thought to do this. how could i be so stupid? this was the wake up that i needed. and while i feel guilty for learing this through someone else’s loss, i’m so thankful she wrote it in such detail so it would really be relatable.

  • Suzanne Martin

    It’s awesome! I would have a reading nook in one of those dormers. It’s so cool that you have a finished attic where you can have a rumpus room set up that is not in the living room. Hope you all are feeling much better. It’s flu season here and everyone’s sick!

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