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Randoms for you…

The girls have been sleeping in lately, giving me the opportunity to have some alone time in the morning… which is MUCH needed. Somethin’ about the dark silence, enjoying the Christmas lights with my cup of coffee before the chaos ensues.


The girls have been struck with a cough and general ickiness, so we’ve been laying low the past few days. I like to think we’re snowed in, but we’re not.


I don’t really have a certain thing to talk about today… I’m just talkin yo. Just talkin away.

I’ve been itching to organize our ‘catch-all’ room. You know, that room that you avoid when giving tours of your home?


Are you embarrassed for me? That I just published that picture to the entire world? That’s only half the room! I have enough supplies to stash a FULL craft room, but no organizational recourses with which to store it all. So I’ve left it in this state for far too long. Of course… one project at a time, so I patiently wait for the blasted living room to be finished.

Oh what else should I babble on about this morning…

My new sister Laura finally posted pictures of her marriage to my brother. Many of you have asked to see pictures of the girls in their flower girl dresses… so here you go! (My favorite part of this picture is Nick dashing out of the way!)



It was such a beautiful wedding, and I love my new sissy.


Here’s a pic of my siblings and I, and their spouses. Half of us are married now! Can you find me and Nick? I’m standing two steps up from him, so that’s why he doesn’t look like his normal giant self.


All the blondies in the picture are my brothers and sister (plus the dirty blonde in the suspenders on the right). There are 7 of us in all. Oh! And my sister-in-law on the far left? She’s in labor in this picture.

Wedding photos by Dan Oksnevad Photography.

Well my sweet peaceful and SILENT morning is coming to an end. The girls are rustling in their bedroom, and it’s time to get things moving around here! Thanks for letting me babble on about such random things this morning!blank-001

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  • Cassidy

    I can’t wait to see you decorate a craft room! I know it will be awesome!

  • TeapotsAndWhatNots

    Hi Bethany!! Stumbled upon your blog through All Things Thrifty, and we’re so glad we did! We’re your newest followers, and I just want to tell you that I’m about to post exactly what you did– a crazy, messy, junk office/craft room “before” picture…because we’re doing a “makeover” too! For the new year, we’re going to get off our butts and start blogging more, organizing more, and having more fun. Can’t wait to see your room transformation…maybe it’ll give us some ideas, too. You have a fantastic blog, and I’d love for you to stop by ours sometime if you get a chance (maybe one day it’ll stop getting neglected and we’ll actually start posting!) :) Happy Monday!

    Teapots & What-Nots

    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      Thanks Jillian! I’m so glad you found us! :) Can’t wait to snoop around your blog!

  • Jeanne

    You are not alone. Many a household has such a room, including mine! Except mine’s even more stuffed. Argh. Just started the cleaning process today and have barely gotten my craft table cleared off. I hope that it won’t take a whole year to get it fixed up. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish with this room!

  • Renee

    First off – the girl’s pictures in the flower girl dresses are A-DOR-A-BLE!!!I can just see everyone smile as they made their way down the aisle. Second – if your girls are coughing when they are sleeping, put Vick’s on their feet and socks on the top of that. I don’t know how it works but it does. I do it all the time for my grandkids and they stop coughing for the night and can sleep! Third – we all have a room, a closet, a space or a basement like that. You are not alone; just keep repeating that – I am not alone; I am not alone. It will help! However, you will get it organized unlike the rest of us. I can’t wait to see your room for some inspiration !

  • Dan Oksnevad Photography

    Thanks for posting, Nick & Beth! Laura & Caleb’s wedding was a blast! We had so much fun photographing the couple, & were happy to be a part of their big day! (glad you like the pic of the flower girls walking down the isle & Nick dashing out of the way! yes, that was great!)