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20 Simple DIY Projects for UNDER $20! (Great Homemade Gift Ideas!)

Good morning! Don’t you look radiant this morning!

Wouldn’t it be delightful if someone said that to you every morning? Bed-head and all? Instead of, ‘babe, I think you’ve been wearing that shirt all week’.

Christmas cards from family and friends have been trickling in, although we haven’t decorated for the holidays yet (getting the tree this weekend), I broke out our DIY Photo Wreath! This was such a simple project, and one of our favorites… so I wanted to link back to that post in case you all wanted to make one for yourselves! Tis the season, right?!

I got to thinkin’ how it resembles those ever-popular starburst mirrors!

DIY Christmas Card Wreath (Starburst Mirror!)

If you’re wanting to ‘Pin It’, please do so from the original post that contains the tutorial. (And while you’re over there, check out the picture of the WALL that is no more!! YIKES!!)

So when I was digging through my archives for that ancient post, I realized just how many simple AND inexpensive projects we’ve done over the duration of this little blog… and thought it would be fun to lay them out for ya! (Some of these might really be a blast-from-the-past for some of you that have been around since the beginning…HI MOM!)

20 DIY Projects for under $20!

Here we go… let’s break it down! In NO particular order (WHATSOEVER!):

DIY Christmas Card Wreath
Barn Board Signs


Barn Board Signs

Etched Baby Food Jars for Spices 

DIY Etching Baby Food Jars

Cabinet Doors into Picture Frames 

Cabinet Doors into Picture Frames!

DIY Skyline Curtains 

DIY Skyline Curtains

Sprocket Pillow


DIY Sprocket Pillow

Wood Grain Profile Plaques


Wood Grain Profile Plaques

Vintage Globe into Planter


Vintage Light Globe into Planter!

Paint Chip and Doily Bunting


Paint Chip Bunting

Bill & Receipt Organizer


Bill Board

Baby Footprint Art


Baby Footprint Craft

Lace Stencil Curtains


Lace Stencil Curtain

Stenciled Spray Painted Rug


DIY Rug Stencil with Spray Paint

DIY Doily Bowls


Doily Bowls

Towel Rack turned Curtain Rod


DIY Towel Rack Curtain Rod

Credit Card Mosaic Table


Credit Card Mosaic Table

Felt Flower Headbands


Felt Flower Headbands with Vintage Fabric

Frame Your Bathroom Mirror


Framing a Mirror

Paint Your Backsplash to look like TILE


Paint Your Own BACKSPLASH!

Easy Tissue Paper Poms


Tissue Paper Poms



Who knew there would be so many, huh? Kinda makes me feel like a veteran ‘DIY Blogger’!

20 DIY Projects for under $20!
Thank you (times infinity!) for your emails and comments, for pinning our projects, and just simply for coming back day after day to see what’s happening in our world! YOU keep our creative wheels turning!

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  • MrsTerri

    WOW!! I missed a couple of your posts!! So going to try the cabinet door in to picture frames and the sprocket pillow!!

    I love your blog, Bethany…you certainly helped me get out of a slump a couple of years ago. I doubt you knew that…but thank you. I love how you write about your days and I LOVE your creativity.

    Kudos, Girlie!

  • http://none Marie

    I have a cabin in the woods of E. Texas, where I have an old cheap dresser in my bedroom. I love color but don’t want to get too loud. I have bright crocheted flowers all over my lamp shade, and a bright colorful quilt on the bed. Plain drapes of dark blue, and brown carpet. I just would like the dresser to reflect my personality and the theme of the room. The crocheted flowers are done in hot pink, turquoise, bright yellow, and orange. I hope you can help me. I don’t want to have to sand the piece cause I’m not able. Thanks, Marie

    • Bethany @ Sawdust and Embryos

      Marie, you should pick one of the colors from the flowers on your lamp and paint the dresser that color! You should just be able to prime and paint the dresser, so sanding required! Good luck!