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17 Months

A common question I get as a twin mama is “do they have their own clothes?” or “how do you decide who wears what?”

The answer to the first question is: No, they share all their clothing.

The answer to the second question gets a little tricky. Mainly because, sometimes one is going through a chubby stage and might be a little tight in a specific outfit… so I’ll put it on the other girl. Or, since Delly has longer legs, there are pants that are just for her, and shorter pants for Paisley.

But if we’re going out in public, or taking weekly/monthly pictures… I always look at the two outfits I’ve chosen, and put the more feminine one on Adelyn. Girlfriend has no hair, and often gets taken for a boy. Especially if Paisley’s wearing pink and Delly’s wearing green, or orange, or teal. It’s kinda sad, I know. But until she gets some hair, it’s my mission to make her as girlie and cutesy as possible!

If you look back through their Weekly Pics, you just might notice this trend!

the one

“You could be a FARMER in those clothes!” (NAME THAT MOVIE!!) …ha! Nick loves it when they wear plaid. His little farm girls.

Dear Paisley,

You are like a sponge, soaking up knowledge like crazy! I only need to tell you what something is called once, and you remember it forever. When we read books, I’ll say ‘where’s the giraffe? where’s the panda? where’s the moon? where’s the little girl’s fingers?’ and you point to every one. You love to climb, and get up and down off the couch with ease. You know your not allowed to stand on furniture, and obey with flying stars. You’re a people-pleaser and thrive on the praise of mommy and daddy. This makes me worry that you’ll struggle with peer-pressure one day, but that’s just me being a worrier. If sissy is crying, you always go find her blankie and bring it to her. You have a very joyful disposition, and love it when daddy tosses you around in the air. All day long, you point at things and want to know what it’s called. Sometimes I tire of this, but I know how much you’re learning. And I love your eagerness to learn. You’ve started babbling like you’re actually talking, but it sounds like another language. Delly hasn’t caught on to this yet, but I wonder if it will become your ‘twin language’. I’m skeptical if this is actually a thing. Your hair has tight ringlets after bathtime, but after sleeping on it, it turns a little frizzy and crazy. Your my wild, fun-loving girl… and I love watching you learn and grow!

Dear Adelyn,

You have a mind. of. your. OWN! You’re very independent and just do your own thing. We often find you sitting in a corner flipping through a board book. While reading books, you’re more likely to just sit back and listen to the story instead of pointing at everything on the page wanting an explanation. You’re fairly low-strung. You love to snuggle, but only when it’s your idea. You’ve taken a liking to baby dolls, and love to hug and kiss them. Your hands and feet are always cold, but you hate wearing socks, and love nothing more than pulling them off. Sometimes after pulling them off, you bring them to me to put back on your feet so you can proceed to pull them off again. Recently, you have developed an aversion to foods that have a skin on them. You chew the peas, or grapes or raisins until you’ve gotten all the gooey stuff out, and then spit out the skin (along with a lot of saliva). If you were allowed, you would live on bread, pasta, tortillas… a girl after my own carb-loving-heart. Your eyes are turning more brown everyday, and I still believe in my heart that you’re going to be a brunette… despite your whispy blonde peach fuzz. You still wake up once or twice a night needing your back rubbed and your binky replaced. You’re an early-riser, yet not a morning person. AT ALL. I wish I could reason with you, that if you sleep longer, you just might wake in better spirits. Your my soft-spoken, independent girl… and I love watching you learn and grow!

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  • Mel O’Drama

    Clueless! Only my favorite movie EVER! I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten. It’s so weird to watch stranger’s kids grow up and somehow feel like you know them!

  • Niki Weaver

    Clueless. :)

    They look adorable in plaid. It’s crazy how big they are getting!

  • Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It

    Love this. Super sweet.

    P.S. I have a green velvet chair very similar to your orange one, and it’s one of my favorite things in the house!!!

    P.S.S. I’m going to get ballsy this week and try to stain the top of a dresser I’m refurbishing in a pattern. We will see how well I can follow directions!

  • Meagan B.

    So big!! I love watching them grow!

    My girls are the same, they share clothes, but I do have a lot of coordinating outfits like your girls’ shirts. It doesn’t really matter who wears what, but for some reason, I do have a preference of what goes on who based on their personalities and their skin/hair colors. For instance: Macy always gets the zebra jammies because they are wild-looking, fitting for my wild girl, while Peyton gets the pink and tan leopard-print kitty jammies because they are more sweet and delicate like her. :)

    As far as colors, both of my girls get mistaken for boys unless they are wearing girly clothing because of how little hair they have. LOL. I try not to go anywhere without headbands/bows, but they are getting tired of that business and almost immediately rip them off. *Le sigh*

    I can;t believe my babies will be 1 in 3 weeks!!

  • Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz

    Melts my heart. Every time.

    I can’t wait to be a mum.

  • artgirl

    My daughters are not twins,19 and 14, but your letters could be to each of them. My oldest was bald until she was two and always got mistaken for a boy..even with a bow stuck to her head! My youngest is Paisley to a tee!! So fun to read the comparisons. Makes me so nastalgic!
    You are a bright spot in my day. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Anna

    I don’t want to start any drama about child cruelty or anything but have you considered getting their ears pierced? For sure it’s not necessary but I had the same “problem” with my daughter…she was super bald for the longest time. We had her ears pierced at 4 months and it was super cute and relatively drama free. :)

  • angietune


    Was searching for a GF’s blog with twins and came across yours. Started reading and came across your post about the girls being very similar. Like your twins, sometimes, I couldn’t tell apart after being their mother for 18 mos.

    I wanted to second Anna’s thoughts about having the girls ears pierced too. Hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment, but I did our g/g twins at that age and they did fine. Both got different earrings and were easy to tell apart for everyone in our family!

    I was unsure about toddler ear piercing so I asked our ped. Surprisingly, she encouraged me to go ahead at 18 mos and even gave me some suggestions for moms having their dd’s ears pierced. I had so many moms try to give me advice which didn’t work with twins. The only thing which worked was their earrings. I must say it does look adorable on them and made look like baby ingenues and little cherubs.

    If you’ve thought about it, then your mommy intuition is telling you now is best and the girls would look adorable with a little bling in her ears. I think babies with earrings are the cutest things. Little earrings celebrates their femininity and femaleness. After all, they are little girls.

    The info from our ped helped me decide on a person, place, what type of earrings and OTC med’s to minimize any discomfort. If you or other moms would like any of our ped’s tips, then don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail.


    P.S. Promise the girls would look adorable in their holiday pics with little earrings.