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Our Garden has been Compromised!

For our readers that don’t live in The Americas, we’re in a bit of a drought. So we’ve faithfully watered our veggie garden every other day or so, in hopes that we’d have some produce to munch on eventually!

Sadly though, the HOT weather we’ve endured this summer has found a way to prevail, by way of the influx of creepy crawly things. Most notably… grasshoppers (AND CRICKETS). The grasshoppers have invaded our garden, and feasted without reserve on our gourmet organic veggies. Specifically, our carrots, onions, green beans, peas, spinach, and lettuce. They look tragic.

Rest in Peace little spinach, rest in peace…


Astonishingly though, our tomatoes, cucumbers, and cantaloupe have managed to not only survive, but flourish! And for that we’re so excited!


I have NO CLUE what we’re going to do with all these cucumbers.


Hello little cantaloupes! I can’t wait for you to get into my belly! (NOTE! Is it just me, or does it seem like the word ‘cantaloupe’ should be singular AND plural? Not true! ‘CantaloupeS’ IS a real word! FACT!)


I was just feeling strongly that it was time to share a garden update, with it being August now and all.

How is YOUR garden doing? Are your grasshoppers numerous, and preferring certain veggies over others? Has the drought gotten the best of your crop? Do you have a ridiculous amount of a certain vegetable that you don’t know what to do with? Any suggestions on what to do with cucumbers that doesn’t involve vinegar?

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  • Anonymous

    Can Pickles!! You’ll never go back to store bought pickles after you’ve home canned your own :)

  • Anonymous

    I was going to suggest pickles too but then I saw your comment “that doesn’t involve vinegar”. Cucumber salsa?! Sandy

  • Brooke

    Slice up cucumber and lemon and put it in a pitcher of water- best flavored water ever.

  • Sarah Ehlers

    Okay, I’m pretty sure this involves vinegar, but I don’t care…I’m sharing my knowledge anyway! My mom would always buy cucumbers (because she wasn’t a gardener) and make these cinnamon pickle things. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! They taste like candy…In fact, I really enjoy encouraging my friends to try one without telling them what it really is. They always love it and are amazed at what it actually is when I tell them. :)

    I’ve always loved the texture of them…Just a little crunchy on the outside and melt-in-yo’-mouth on the inside. MMmmmmm! My mom actually just brought me a jar of them a couple weeks ago when she and my dad came up to visit. They’re always a hit at Christmastime, but I like to eat them anytime of the year.

    If you would be interested in having the recipe, I can see if I can get it for you. BE WARNED, however, they take DAYS to make…Lots of soaking, rinsing, and more soaking is involved. And then, of course, you have to can them. They make great Christmas gifts! :)

  • Sarah Ehlers

    Okay, so I guess it’s not such a big secret. I Googled it and came up with this…


  • sandpaperandglue

    It’s our first full summer in our house so I just tested out an herb garden and manage to not kill anything! woo hoo! Next summer I’ll graduate to veggies :).

    also, I suggest you eat SO MANY cucumber sandwiches. mmmmm

  • Kelsi

    ** cucumbers and onions and poppy seed salad dressing.. slince them up thin (or think) and let set in the poppy seed salad dressing for a while. yummmmy.

    in water:
    fresh mint leaf; piece apart
    ginger root- slice off thin pieces

    add all to ice water; let sit for a bit and enjoy! it’s really good.

  • Anonymous

    Greek food.

  • Carla Belyea

    You shoud try these “cool cucumber subs” from Once a Mom, Always a Cook

  • Jennifer MIller

    Cucumber soup. It has yogurt, dill and other yummy stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Cucumber salad. I use cucumbers cut into chunks and then add whatever other veggies look good from our garden. Tomatoes, onion, carrots… Anything. And then dress with a little olive oil and vinegar or just Italian dressing. The fresh ripe tomatoes make it extra delicious and it’s even better after it sits for a bit.

  • Amy Woods

    I through something together the other day with our cucumbers. It involves Ceasar Salad Dressing, Feta Cheese, tomatoes, onions and I thought of about black olives but I left them out. It reminded me of a greek type cucumber salad. I literally just chopped it all up didn’t matter if sliced or chopped and through it in the bowl with Kraft’s Ceasar Dressing and Kraft’s Feta Cheese crumbles and I loved it but, I think I could about anything with Feta Cheese and Caesar Dressing…

  • ChaRee

    I know this is an old post but my family always made “cucumber sandwiches” that are triscuts, cream cheese mixed with a packet of zesty Italian dressing, and a cucumber on top. Best thing EVER!!!

  • Helmine

    Another vote for cucumber soup. My mom used to make it. She sliced the cukes very thin (food processor), cooked them thoroughly in broth (to cover plus a little) with onions, mushed them up, and then strained out all the pulp. Flavored with dill and other choices, probably garlic. It makes an almost gelatinous soup. We served it cold in highball glasses, with about a quarter cup of buttermilk mixed in per serving. Very refreshing, low calorie and FILLING. Wonderful for summer and to keep you away from the cookie jar.