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13 Months

Guessssssssssssssss what! Today’s the first Friday of the month! And that means the chickies get to have their monthly picture taken! They’re no stranger to this practice, and we’ve all been totally missing the tradition.

Sweet little girls, I about can’t stand it.


After taking today’s picture, I was sitting on the floor with the laptop cropping and editing the photo, and the girls sat on either side of me, fascinated, and pointing at the picture of themselves. This is the first time I think they really recognized that it’s a picture of THEM! So cute…

Dear Paisley,

At one year, you cruise skillfully around furniture with great speed, and have taken several steps without holding onto anything. But generally, you’re pretty scared to try and walk. You can stand alone for several minutes at a time. You love to blow kisses, and even make a clicking sound with your tongue to try and mimic the kissing sound. You’re excessively energetic and joyful. You love to climb everything, and recently discovered you could pull yourself up ONTO the couch without assistance. You’re a tough girl and rarely cry when you fall or bump your head. You use anything as your ‘blankie’ as long as it’s soft and you can wrap your index finger around it while you suck you’re thumb.  I’ve even found little pieces of lint wrapped up in your chubby index finger when you’ve been desperate for something soft. You eat like a maniac, scooping as much into your hand as possible and shoveling it into your mouth. You’ve found that the most efficient way to eat is to skip chewing, and jump right to the swallowing part so the next handful can be inserted. You love all foods except cucumbers. We call you Paisley Girl, Pais, Petunia, or Tunia, and you enthusiastically answer to any of them. Your neck is super ticklish, and you LOVE to be tickled. You know where your belly and your hair is. You love to wave bye bye, and even SAY bye bye! ‘Bah Bah’ … your first words. You’re very smiley and interactive with strangers, but do NOT care to be held by anyone you don’t know very well. You’re easily startled, and don’t really like animals, or getting water in your eyes. Your cheerful bubbly spirit is overwhelming, and your middle name ‘Joy’ fits you well. Your Daddy and I love you so much and can’t wait to see what this next month brings.

Height 29”  (40%)

Weight 20lbs 8oz (36%)


Dear Adelyn,

At one year, you’re pretty quiet except for the occasional happy outburst of consonants, which are numerous! We think you might be saying ‘Mama’ and Dada’ in reference to Mommy and Daddy! You love to play with cell phones, and even hold it up to your ear like you’re having a convo. We call you Delly, and you know your name well. You have a mouth FULL of teeth, and use them effectively at mealtime. You eat very daintily using your thumb and forefinger to pick up food, taking small bites, painstakingly chewing each bite. You get around pretty fast via crawling, and efficiently pull yourself up against any and all pieces of furniture… though you don’t cruise quite as fast as sissy. You play quietly and independently, and your laugh is contagious. You love to throw the ball back and forth, and are pretty good with your aim. You’re very shy around anyone but mommy and daddy, but are more likely to let friends/family hold you. You love to push buttons on the laptop, and you KNOW that it’s a no-no. You cry hysterically like your feelings are hurt when you get in trouble, yet you’ll come back to get in trouble over and over. You’re an animal enthusiast,  and especially love Reuben (weird). You find sticks in the grass and bring them to him to chew on. Your face lights up in the afternoon when you hear the front door open…you LOVE when Daddy comes home from work. You’ve always been the daddy’s girl. You’re still without much hair, but it seems to be making slight progress. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but you have some pretty substantial peach fuzz. Your eyes are soft and knowing, and you love to snuggle. You’re sensitive and have a sweet spirit that makes my heart melt. Your Daddy and I love you so much and can’t wait to see what this next month brings.

Height 30.1 “ (93%)

Weight 22 lbs 2 oz (64%)


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  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Love you girls and hearing about them. If you ever come to NY you must see me, I’m in Rochester, NY, close to Niagara Falls. thanks for sharing. Mary in NY

  • Meagan B.

    Such precious girls! I can’t wait until next month!

  • AyeJay

    I love reading these posts! Your girls are so adorable and it’s fantastic to see them growing up, even though I’m in a totally different country! It’s great!
    from AyeJay at

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the picture of them! I also love the synopsis of their personalities, etc. DId you follow a “guide” when thinking of things to write about or did you just wing it?
    Crystal Otto

  • Bethany

    Haha, no guide. I just tried to think pf notable things about each girl. :)

    Miss you Cryst!

  • Kiana

    Hello,i found your blog one day and instantly loved it. Your girls are so cute and it’s cool how they have such different personalities! The furniture you do is awesome and even inspired me to re-do my bedroom furniture (I’m only 15). You’re amazing!

  • Cynthia

    I love them so much!

  • Tobey

    I love what you wrote about your beautiful little girls. I know they will treasure these beautiful pictures and writings when they are older. I loved reading it, and I love to see how much they have changed in each new picture. thank you for letting us share in this. hugs Tobey