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Using Stain to Make Artwork! {Burn pile Buffet Part 2}

If you missed Part 1 of our Buffet Transformation, click here to read about how we rescued this buffet from a burn pile… stripped, sanded, repaired, primed, and painted!

Before image of the Burnpile Buffet {Gradual Staining Technique by Sawdust and Embryos}
Next is the fun part. You may not know this about me, but I love to draw with charcoal. I love the shading, and the instant gratification of seeing a masterpiece unfold before your eyes. I can’t draw a person to save my life… but I can shade, yo!

I get an inordinate amount of joy from coming up with new ways to make furniture (or a room) unique and beautiful. And I started thinking about how, in theory, you should be able to get the same charcoal shading effect using STAIN on wood. I was realllllllly excited to give this a try! Using this as inspiration for a flower design, I drew out some flower petals lightly with a pencil on the top surface of the buffet. Can you see it?

Using Stain to make ARTWORK

If you’ve ever stained something before, you know that the longer you leave stain on the wood, the darker the finish will be when you wipe it off. We used the darkest POSSIBLE stain we could find so we would have the most contrast.

With that in mind, I started with the center petals and stained each petal, starting at the center and working my way out toward the tip of the petal.

Gradual Staining Technique by Sawdust and Embryos

As you can see I didn’t stain all the way out to the edge of the petals, because I wanted that to be the lightest portion of my ‘shading’. Using a dry cloth and my finger, I wiped away from the stain to allow a smooth transition from the stained portion to the outer unstained portion of my petal. Rubbing it to create that shaded look.

Gradual Staining Technique by Sawdust & Embryos}

Leaving the majority of the stain on the petal to ‘soak’ for awhile, I moved on to my next petal and repeated!

Shading with Stain TUTORIAL {by Sawdust and Embryos}

By the time I got all the way around the center petals (about 5 minutes), I figured it was time I could go back around and wipe off a little more stain on each petal, allowing the stain to gradually get darker toward the center.

Shading with Stain TUTORIAL {by Sawdust and Embryos}

I continued to repeat this process on each petal as I worked my way away from the center of the flower.

Gradual Shading with Stain TUTORIAL {by Sawdust and Embryos}

This next photo is for those of you that think my house is always clean, and that I’m always dressed in something cute.

Gradual Staining Technique {Sawdust & Embryos}

Every 5 minutes or so, I would go back to wipe off a little more from the previous petals.

Gradual Staining Technique {Sawdust and Embryos}

Once I had worked my way all the way out to the edges, staining every petal using my graduated tinting technique, I finally wiped off the remaining darkest stain on the inner part of each petal.

Shading with Stain {Sawdust and Embryos}

Then, the whole piece got a thick glossy coat of poly.

Shading with Stain {Gradual Staining Technique by Sawdust and Embryos}

It’s like a legit piece of artwork. I’m in total shock that this technique has never been done before… because it’s SO easy, and has such a dramatically beautiful effect. I’m pretty stinkin’ proud of myself for coming up with this one!
Shading with Stain (Sawdust and Embryos)

And I love the creamy green color of the body too! And the way the stained flower petals wrap around the edges of the top surface.

Shading with Stain (Sawdust & Embryos)

Are you so inspired? I hope so! You should absolutely try this technique! And send us pictures when you’re done!

Shading with Stain {Sawdust & Embryos}

I’d say this is a pretty epic story of ‘Rags to Riches’, when it comes to this buffet that was tossed into a burn pile. I’m so glad we rescued it and gave it new life! You can just barely tell where the burning had taken place on that corner. But you wouldn’t notice it unless we pointed it out!

Before and After Burnpile Buffet! Gradual Shading with Stain Technique {Sawdust and Embryos}

We hope you’ll have the confidence to give this a try yourself! The following is a video tutorial with even more step-by-step instruction!

For simple instructions on stripping a surface down to the raw wood (in preparation for this staining technique!)… click here!

Bethany {Sawdust and Embryos}



UPDATE! Since writing this post, we’ve done this technique many more times and have some beautiful artwork to show for it! It truly is easier than it looks! Click each pic below to be directed to that post. We also have a video tutorial coming soon, so be sure to subscribe to our blog so you get updates! And feel free to ask questions in the comment section. I’m usually pretty good at responding quickly! BE INSPIRED!

End table using 'Wood-Stained Artwork' technique by Sawdust and Embryos} Gradient Stain Technique {by Sawdust and Embryos}
P4092249 Shading with Stain {Sawdust and Embryos}

 Learn how to make beautiful artwork on your furniture using wood stain... IT'S EASIER THAN IT LOOKS! {Sawdust and Embryos}


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  39. AllieD… thanks for commenting! :) We’re so glad you’re inspired! AND… it’s your lucky day! A few months back, we did a post on how to most effectively sell pieces on craigslist! here’s the link:


    We’re don’t really have any advice on how to price things. We’re pretty unsure of that ourselves. But being avid craigslisters ourselves, we kinda have an understanding of the market for furniture in our area… but I’m sure it varies all over the country. I would encourage you to start frequenting the craigslist in your area and learning how others price their items. Good luck with your bureau! Send us pics when you’re done!!

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  52. It’s hard to know what you did wrong… I’ve only used this technique just this once, so I’m no expert… yet! I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the ‘conditioner’. It could just be a difference in wood. Perhaps the grain was more open and soaked up the stain much faster? Being outside with a breeze can definitely make stain dry faster. I’m really sorry it didn’t work for you! Maybe practice on some scraps of wood?

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  62. Aside from seeing people’s blogs on pinterest when I see something I like, I am not really into the whole blog-o-sphere thing and I’ve never left a comment on someone’s either….


    this buffet you created is one of the most beautiful and creative pieces of art I have ever seen and I just had to tell you. It caught my eye immediately and I just knew I had to try it…your work is beautiful and if I ever get around to finding the right piece of furniture I will show you how your art inspired me.

  63. PS. I stumbled across one of your tables on pinterest and didnt realize it belonged to you until I saw it in the Furniture section! You really are so talented. I hope one day I can have the space to redo furniture like you and make these pieces. Is this your business? Where can I send you a picture of my coffee table that you inspired? It really is a pretty obvious copy though…I hope its flattering rather than rude lol

  64. Shannon, you are so sweet! Thank you for all the complements! We do furniture on the side together as a fun little hobby… and while we make a little side-cash, it’s definitely not a source on income for us. But we have fun, and that’s all that matters! We’d LOVE to see your project! You can email us a sawdustandembryos@gmail.com

  65. Love it! I’m totally going to do this, but with a dresser instead of a buffet…Did you sand the whole thing first? Obviously the top, but the body too or just use primer

  66. On the areas that we paint, we do sand some… just to rough it up. Especially if the surface is glossy-ish. We find that it accepts the primer better and provides longer-term durability. You could also use a deglosser.

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  103. Anonymous says:

    that is so amazing

  104. SO jealous I didn’t think of this first. I don’t have patience for anything except my weird builds/crafts so I can imagine how long this must have taken!

    I like that it is so reminescent of this rug from Pier 1 though- would be an interesting piece to add in your home as omage to your new amazing piece!


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  112. This is crazy beautiful. I have used a product one time that was clear stain that you mixed color into for the stain. I mixed many different colors of stain and painted a child’s chair with it. It is still one of my favorites because the stain just looks so much more beautiful than paint. I am going to do this technique on a table top with birds and limbs. So exciting! Thanks…my daughter found this and sent it to me. I am so glad that she did.

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  120. I did this! Great tutorial! Find my pics of a drop leaf table redo on my FB page, Full Moon & Buck Naked. Thanks for the inspiration, Sandy

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    This is absolutely STUNNING!! Love your tutorial and pix!! So inspired to try it soon, I hope, now wheres that nearst burn pile :)!!!

  122. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used this technique on a small wooden cross with cheap brown Walmart craft paint turned out amazing! Love the design of your flower

  123. Nice art work
    CNC Router For Use

  124. Melissa S says:

    I love this and tried it on a round table I have, it came out great. I’m going to try to sell mine and I’m wondering if you would be willing to tell me how much you sold your buffet for or how much you asked for it? How do you go about pricing your things?

  125. I’m going to do this to the top of my new desk! I have a question though and I appologize if it has already been answered…are you using gel stain??

  126. Oh my, this is stunning! I love the technique, and wonder too why it hasn’t been done before. I’ve pinned this because I have to try this! Wish me luck.
    I found you via Brooke’s All Things Thrifty when she featured your coffee table. I love that one too! A new follower.
    Debbie :)

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  131. I was enthralled!! This is awesome! I have my hope chest that has traveled with me for years and is the worst for wear-I got it when I was 17yrs old-53yrs ago! I would like step by step instructions though. Anyway to get them? I’m older and don’t navigate the web as easily as others.

  132. I fell in love w this project. So I did one myself. The stain I used was not the best for this project. But a lil rubbing w steel wool pulled back some of the stain. Thanks for the great idea. The stain was Varathane. It’s impossible to wipe off. Lol.

  133. Wonderful work! I might just try this. I’ve got a few pieces in storage, and in my garage that I could do this to. Thank you. FYI: Varathane is a varnish not a stain. Usually used as a clear coat protectant over stained furniture or floors. Some varathanes are tinted… a 2 in 1 concept, easier used on floors than furniture.

  134. Nice work!!!!!!!!

  135. I am blown away by your work, being the copy cat creative that I am, because I am not creative enough to come up with anything on my own, I decided to try this. I have a beautiful unfinished toy chest for my twins toys that I want to stain. I wanted to practice first so I am using an extra board I happen to have and practice. It’s a good thing I am because I am running into all sorts of problems. My stain keeps bleeding into the other petals. I look at yours and they are so perfectly non bleeding that I have to ask is there something I am doing wrong?? Please please help!

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    Totally Awesome. Best upcycle, DIY, revamp yet.

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  140. I believe someone has been inspired by your artwork without giving credit to you


  141. I absolutely love this technique. I did my countertop in an interesting way using stain and words (things we tell the kids at dinner). I thought it might generate some more ideas for you. We stain lovers must stick together:)


    Take care, and stay creative.

  142. Jen…. LOVE THAT! I’ve been pondering staining with a stencil, and you’ve saved me the trouble of trial and error! I’m pinning this for future projects, and I’ll be sure to link to you when I do!

  143. you can also use art brushes to “pick up” color *stain* lift and wipe brush, gives a painterly look as well as giving you control. i did a small tabletop in this way wipe and stain many years ago. good job

  144. Hi, this is really beautiful…great job. I love the color of the wood and the “turqouis” color, keep up the great work!
    (Feel FREE to post those kind of projects on my FB page: http://www.upcycled101.com)

  145. Anonymous says:

    I have an old 1940 dinning table that is in really bad shape, but I just can’t throw it out because as a family growing up we sat at it at every meal. I want to turn it into an outdoor picnic sort of table. I love what you have done to these pieces. Got any suggestions on how I can do this an make it ‘outdoorable”? I was just going to spray paint it but I think I can do what you did. Anxious to start. Does stain come in colors? Thanks

    • Ooo you should you should! That sounds like a fabulous idea to use it outside! I would just make sure to seal it SEVERAL times with a good oil-based polyurethane. It should hold up in the elements… at least for a good while. As for colored stains, we haven’t used any… but I’ve seen them at hardware stores, so I know they exist! :) Send us pics when you’re done!!!

      • Hi Beth, I just stumbled across your amazing work and I have one question… do you seal all your each piece after you have blended/shaded it? You mentioned above that if you were putting it outside you would seal it with a good oil based polyurethane… do you do that with the indoor pieces as well?

        Thank you. You have completely inspired me :) Your art is beautiful.

        • Hi Terrie! We do seal all of our pieces, but you could probably get away with just sealing the top surface of your furniture (ie dresser top or table top) where it gets the most wear and tear. Keep in mind that, while oil-based poly is the most durable, it does leave a yellowish tint that shows up when applied on white paint. So if you’re sealing a white piece of furniture, definitely opt for water-based sealer. Good luck!

  146. There are a number of items frequently used in wood finishing projects. This list does not include all the supplies needed, but what is most commonly used.

  147. I first saw you guys featured on Young House Love’s Reader Redesign and I just wanted to let you guys know that you inspired me to tackle this project on an old, worn out table that was just collecting dust at my house. Thanks to your idea it’s now being used as a pretty piece of functional artwork! You can check out my post if you want at http://www.2brokebruces.com/2013/04/flower-table.html.
    Love your piece(s) and thanks for the inspiration!

  148. WOW what an awesome project!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT!!!

  149. Now I know my comment is very late but “Damn Bethany, you rocked my freakin socks off!” Like literally. I have this shopping habit thing I do every Saturday at a local thrift store. 50% off almost 90% of the store! No way in hell am I missing that sale. I’m there every Saturday. Ever since I showed him this and pulled out all the stains, rags, buffers, paints etc.. he knows I’m up to something and cringes! hahaha thanks for another new piece to keep me busy for more than 30 seconds! Damn ADHD. I have about 10 different projects that are being worked on right now. Yours is next on a $39 large buffet that someone was very neglectful with. But I’m going to love her up some an make her a home piece that EVERYONE will talk about for years to come! No worries, Girl, I’ll make sure the all know YOU did this and it’s from YOUR blog!

  150. I LOVE these…. thanks so much for sharing this!! Worth all the work you put in! Wow! ~ Andi

  151. i am so in love with what you did i am going to do it to my dining room table, you rock!!!! ;-)

  152. Absolutely STUNNING! I saw a glimpse of this project a few days ago and have been searching for it ever since! Had no idea it was done with stain until finding you today. Definitely pinning as I want to be able to refer back to it. Beautiful work!

    Bev @ Give me a paintbrush

  153. You are just amazing !I will try it too.
    Thank you so much for your idea ^^

  154. That’s gorgeous! I love the contrast of the teal & the dark stain, and the flower design on the top is incredible.

  155. Anonymous says:

    BEAUTIFUL & inspiring! Wondering how you managed to wipe off the remaining stain on the darkest part of the sections without getting any on the places you previously worked on and left lighter.
    Thank you.


    • I just smear away from the lighter area, and very gently because I want the dark spots to be as dark as possible. Sometimes I just blotted, and let it dry a little tacky. After you seal it and it’s all glossy, you won’t be able to tell. If you give it a try, be sure to send before and after pictures! We’d love to see what you come up with!

  156. Just wanted you know that I tried this. I messed up and mine didn’t come out nearly as gorgeous as yours, but I went with it. Turns out I love it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this technique. You helped transform my trash to treasure desk.


  157. This is absolutely stunning! GORGEOUS!

  158. Anonymous says:

    wow. so amazing. i have an old sewing machine cabinet that i could do this for. my husband is an artist, so he can draw and i will do the staining. thanx for this great idea.

  159. I just LOVE what you did! I am working on refinishing an old sewing table right now. I am trying out your technique for the top. I hope it turns out as nice as yours did, fingers crossed!

  160. You know, when someone asked the inspiring Robert
    Frost if he perceives himself as a teacher, he was quoted saying: I am not a teacher, I amm an awakener.

    In my view this blog works precisely the same since it awakens me, and makes my mind work.

  161. christiane says:

    I so love what you have done and tried doing something similar myself.
    I applied the ebony wood stain and immediately wiped the outer edge off. However even leaving the stain on for those few seconds already made the wood really dark.
    Do you think it would help if I applied wood conditioner before staining?

    • Some woods soak up the stain a lot faster. I’ve found that Pine and Poplar are the easiest to work with. Instead of applying the stain directly on the wood, try dipping your cloth in the stain and work your way from the darkest part if the leaf to the lightest. This will give you more control. The good news is that this will take you a LOT less time because you won’t be waiting on any stain to sit. Send me pics when you’re done!!

      • Christiane says:

        Thank you for your quick response.
        I will give it a try. I wa starting to think that I might have to try using different colored stains. Some lighter and some darker but your suggestions sounds easier.

  162. Sharon Miller says:

    I love this look and I’m trying create this on a dresser for our baby girl’s nursery. The only problem I’m running into is drawing a decent flower. I can paint, sew, and do anything else, but drawing is the death of me. Is there a stencil, or could you email a quick drawing and I make a stencil?

  163. wow. This is beautiful! It started out as a piece of furniture that would of sat in the landfill but was re-purposed as a piece of art that will start conversations for years to come:)

  164. Simply amazing.. wonderful job..

  165. Lillie Forsyth says:

    Beautiful! You should rescue furniture like this stain it and sell it. I think it is gorgeous!!

  166. I am inspired! Well, if this wasn’t popular before it is about to become a major trend, thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  167. I was inspired by your work and used this technique on a project of my own…well, sorta. http://chicwiththekoolaidmustache.blogspot.com/2014/01/restore-upcycle-challenge-part-1.html

  168. Karen Henderson says:

    Do not know how I miss this work last year my dearies but you hit this out of the ball park! Just imagine all of the artists that wish that they had discovered this technique. We have to name this technique after you. It will be used for years. I nominate you and suggest you get a patent name for it.

  169. Oh my freaking goodness this awesomly beautiful…. !!! YOU can make SOOOOO much money doing this for a living….. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS…!!! I can go on and on nut I’m sure you heard it all… Great job, Tammy

  170. Appгеciate this post. Let me try it ߋut.

  171. really!!!!!!!!really!!!!!!!too good….i will definetly try this.with what material u make stains?

  172. really!!!!!!!!!!really!!!!!1mind blowing.i will try

  173. You are a true inspiration! I was looking for something to do with a couple of unfinished wood tables I had purchased and came upon your site. I wasn´t quiet able to duplicate your beautiful technique, had trouble with the stain…after a few minutes it would get too sticky to work with, but all in all I really love the look. I`m looking forward to doing it again and getting it right! I´m not sure how to send you a picture but I posted some on my fb, hope you check them out. https://www.facebook.com/valeska.lambert/media_set?set=a.10152335108701155.1073741830.548011154&type=3&uploaded=7

  174. Wow! This looks amazing..Just beautiful. pinning.

  175. What about a video of you doing this?! I would buy a video from you.

  176. I absolutely cannot wait to try this and share it with you! Absolutely amazing!

  177. Love it!!! Totally get the part about being able to shade and not sketch :)
    Just to clarify, you haven’t mentioned any priming under the artwork. Any particular reason?

  178. HI, I love they way your home looks. Its amazing. My husband and I was just looking at this piece and Im so excited to try it. I actually have a coffee table that wanted to do something in color of a lotus but this is such a beautiful idea. Thank you so much for sharing!

  179. OMG. Shut up! That’s amazing!!! I bet I could totally do that.

  180. Kathy B says:

    I’m TOTALLY INSPIRED! In the 60’s my mother antiqued everything – now it’s my turn to strip
    and ATTEMPT your staining techniques! I think the old cedar chest might be a grand place to
    start – not too large, and flat surfaces everywhere! THANK YOU!

  181. I LOVE this idea!! I agree, why didn’t I think of it??? Well I am glad you did and I found it :D
    I started doing different unique things to my furniture, then to my cabinets, and now I am turning it into a business to do for others. I am going to try your technique on one of my dressers that I am upcycling to a T.V. console, do you mind once I get my website up featuring you in my blog?
    Thanks again for the inspiration, keep it coming!!!

  182. This is so beautiful! You have given me the inspiration for a buffet I just picked up at an antique store. One quick question…. What kind of poly do you use and how do you apply it? I haven’t had very good luck applying without horrible brush strokes or if I use spray it doesn’t look even. Maybe a poly tutorial soon…? :)

    • Also, Have you ever done a poppy flower?

    • Hi Poppy! It sounds like the poly you’re using is pretty thick. You could water it down with a bit of mineral spirits, and this would cause the brush-strokes to even out before it dries. I know how frustrating brush strokes are! There is also ‘spray poly’ that comes in an aerosol can, and comes out a very even mist. It goes on really nicely, but we’ve found that it takes a lot of coats to be as durable as a single coat of brush-on poly. Hope this helps! Send pics when you’re done!

  183. I’ve been browsing around your blog. I love this too!! I am so about to share this post. Great work!

  184. Using stain to create art is freaking awesome I’m practicing right now. Love the table



  186. Ok so I really love all of your awesome stained pieces, and have followed your blog for about a year. I was so excited to get featured with you over at Better After. So super cool. I don’t know how you find the time with twins.

  187. Hey! We did this and did the whole picture but the poly wiped it all away. Is there a certain poly we should use? A spray? Or is painted on poly okay? And is there a certain amount of time we should wait?

    • Hi Peyton! i’m soooo sorry that this happened to you. The only explanation is that the surface you were staining on wasn’t fully sanded/stripped down to the wood. Therefore the stain wasn’t soaking into wood grain, it was just sitting on top of a layer of varnish or sealer, and could easily be wiped away since it didn’t have anything to soak into. If you try again, I would use a finish stripper and make sure you’re down to the raw/unfinished wood before you start again. Good luck! Send pics when you’re done!

  188. That is unbelievable! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  189. Hey Beth, I love your piece and wanted top try it with an end table I have. My question is if there are screw holes and chipped off parts, will the stain grab to wood putty if I fill in the holes or should I try it on a piece that is smoother all around? Any suggestions would be great! Thank you

    • Hi Alexis! I’m excited that you’re going to give this technique a try!! It’s super fun! The thing about wood putty is that SOME brands ‘claim’ that it’s stain-able, but in my opinion it never quite matches and always looks funky… unless it’s in an inconspicuous place. It’s totally up to you though! Please send pics when you’re done!!


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