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Beginning a New Chapter

I’m sort of distraught… sitting here trying to think of what to write. I just can’t believe this is the last of our weekly pictures. I can’t believe they’re going to be 1 this weekend. I feel like I’m writing a eulogy, because these pictures have been a staple of our week; something to look forward to (and sometimes dread). Looking at the early weeks of their lives, it seems like a lifetime ago… like I barely remember those little wrinkly, red, peach-fuzz-covered faces. And yet it seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital, memorizing their faces, counting their eyelashes, tracing their baby feet.


At each stage of the last year, I felt just sure that ‘this is my favorite stage in their babyhood’. But then the next would come along, and take over as my very favorite. Yet somehow desperately missing the previous stages. Am I so silly for putting this much thought into it?

I’m planning to take monthly photos from here on out, so you have that to look forward to… the first Friday of each month. Until further notice, that is. I’m not going to be bribing my teenage girls to scrunch themselves into this puny $4 orange thrift store chair 15 years from now.

On to giveaway business! We have a winner for our Retract-A-Gate Giveaway! We loved reading through everybody’s 4th of July memories… some of them were hilarious. Using to randomly generate a number between 1 and 130, our winner izzzzzz…

#97 Bradey Mav!!!

(Whose additional entry by posting on her Facebook took the cake!)


Congratulations Bradey, we’ll be in contact with you about your free 52” Retract-A-Gate!! Thanks to everyone else for entering and sharing your stories. It was a delight to read them all! Happy weekend my sweet friends!

Annnnd they’re ONE!
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  • Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats

    Yayyy!! Happy birthday to the girls! I can’t believe they are almost one!!

    Also, I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award :) Details on my blog!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to Paisley and Adelyn (tomorrow right?)!! You are not silly at all for putting so much thought into the “stages”, I do the same thing. I’m loving my 2 1/2 yr olds and my 5 yr old and think they are at the best stage now, but also miss their other stages. Have a great weekend celebrating. Hope to hear what you did for their first birthday party!

  • Melissa

    Happy Birthday Girls and Happy 1yr Mom-iversary!

  • Bradey Mav

    Woo hoo! Thank you so much.

  • Leslie Shelton

    I’m glad to hear the pictures will continue! :) At least on a monthly basis. And I have a vision now, of teenage girls crammed into that chair….and having a lot of fun doing it!