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All Things Vinyl!

We get lots of questions about where we get our vinyls for our various projects… so we’re dedicating this entire post specifically to sharing our our vinyl secrets! (Including how to get your own!)


We primarily use vinyls on various projects when we want woodgrain (or sometimes a different color of paint) to show through in the form of a design on a painted piece… like so:


For a step-by-step tutorial on how to ‘pull off’ (PUN!) this technique yourself, click here!


But you can use vinyl however you like! Whether it be a huge dandelion silhouette in your bathroom, or a cheesy love phrase on the wall behind your bed, or applying the vinyl right on your furniture to stay! …the possibilities are endless!


Our vinyl ‘dealer’ is a friend of mine… her name is Dana, and she’s AMAZING. She is super creative, and has software with TONS of fonts, designs, etc. AND… she can package up your vinyl in a poster tube, and ship it to you anywhere in the country! No need to be in Central Iowa!

You can either email her a file or photo of exactly what you want, with dimensions and whatnot… or you can explain to her kinda what you’re thinking, and bounce ideas back and forth. She’s even been known to draw up a few samples for you to choose from, based on what was discussed!

Here are some of our vinyl projects (below). Click on each picture to be directed to that post!

P4183653 P1081559
P3102763 PB110638
P4173585 P7251103

And now, what you’ve been waiting for… Dana’s contact info!  You can reach Dana by emailing her at:

dashoop {a} hotmail . com

And be sure to let her know we sent you! And don’t you dare forget to send us pictures when you’re done! We love seeing our readers’ projects!!

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  • Brittney

    The black table is a project I am working on now!! :) I don’t have much time to work on it so I do it in pieces. So far I have sanded down the whole thing and I am getting ready to stain it, just waiting for my vinyl to arrive. :)

  • Aleasha

    I have a question. My husband and i work right next to a printing shop and the guy who owns it makes a very wonderful effort to let us know when they’ll be throwing out materials they cant use. then we know when to sift through the dumpster :) a couple months ago they threw out 2 large rolls (like 4ft by 100 yards or something crazy) of vinyl that we graciously picked up. have you ever cut your own? i have a project that i printed out the patterns for and would like to trace it on to the vinyl and cut it myself to apply. im worried about 2 things, my ability to cut clean lines and it pulling off my paint.
    Are there different kinds of vinyl that may be more sticky than others? Do you think it will peel off spray paint?

  • Bethany

    That’s a question for Dana. Sorry I can’t help!

    How lucky are you for getting free stuff though! :)

  • Ally

    I will email Dana directly. Thanks for the info!!

  • Nine Red

    I’m totally going to get in touch with this amazing Dana! I paint furniture also, and have been meaning to try out some vinyl designs but I’m without a vinyl cutter.

    Anyway, I love all your work and shared it with my readers (again!) and sent them all this way to find out more. Thanks again!

  • Nine Red

    Ha! I accidentally posted up your own link, I MEANT to post where I featured you on my blog. oops!

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