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Totally random updates

I’ve been realizing that I haven’t posted anything entirely crafty or creative in the least this last week-ish. Sorry about that! We’ve actually been slaving away on a dining set for a client, which includes a table with two leaves, 5 chairs and a china cabinet. We hope to finish up this weekend, so hopefully we’ll be able to post about it next week! It’s all turning out pretty fantastic. Here’s a little teaser progress photo for your benefit.


In other household-related-news, our living room wall still looks like this:


I use this unfortunate design catastrophe to my advantage by using it as a blank canvas to practice some of my painting techniques before actually applying them to projects like the pantry and orange china cabinet.


If you missed the post about why our wall looks like this, we’re planning to tear this wall out completely to open up our floorplan a bit. But we ran into some snags including but not limited to:  loadbearing issues, redirecting duct work, etc. So we plan to tackle this job sometime mid-summer once we can save up some moolah. It’s going to be pretty great when it’s done! I don’t mind looking at the guts of my house for a few short months.

Let’s see, what else… OH! So as you know, we’ve been having some issues with the girls frolicking and fooling around in the crib at night before they fall asleep. I know that most twins don’t still share a crib by the time their 11 months, but we don’t have room for a second crib in the nursery.


And we like having them sleep together. So we want to make it work as long as possible!

Creepy night-time photo!


With that said, we’re thinking about constructing a mesh divider contraption that goes directly down the center of the crib, with a bar above it to make it very stable and taut. This may sound like a terrible idea to you, but we’re going to give it a try.

Here’s a detailed professional to-scale rendering (NOT!) of our plans. hehe…


We’ll keep you updated on these matters.

11 Months!
Better Late than Never… right?
  • Bethany

    Hi Tracy! Yes, we’ve thought about that, but we use our pack-and-play downstairs pretty regularly for naps, playtime while I’m cooking, etc. So we’re hoping this divider thing will work!

  • Amanda Sandoval

    The picture of the girls sleeping together is priceless! Paisley reminds me of myself, no one in the family would share a bed with me during traveling/sleep overs because I would take over, occasionally ending with my feet in their face, lol. As for the divider, I think it will be short lived because once the girls start walking around 12- 14 months it will probably be useless as the babes start to climb everything! You’d be surprised what you can squeeze in one room. When my son was born we had a queen size bed with headboard, long dresser, tall bookshelf, rocking chair, changing table/dresser, and full size crib in one average sized room…and yes we could still walk around :) I’m not sure what your measurements are but it looks like you MIGHT be able to fit another crib or pack-&-play the long way by the window right against the previous crib (does that make sense? So they’d make like an L shape kinda?) Anyway, good luck with the sleeping arrangements!

  • Beautiful Haven

    Have you considered a second crib on the same wall as the current crib? Turn the crib to the side and place a new one beside it. The girls would have fun playing games with each other beside one another.

  • Sarah

    Has your handy husband considered making a bigger custom crib of some sort? I know you can order custom mattresses from (although maybe expensive!) And your mom could make the sheets!

  • Sonya Sosa

    Pretty excited to see what awesomeness you guys are up to with the dining set, BUT mostly just thrown with that super adorable pic of the twins. Seriously, cutest thing ever! No wonder you want them to stay together as long as possible. Love it!

  • Mary or Jerod

    I love that they are still sleeping together- I didn’t have a twin but as soon as my brother wasn’t sleeping with my parents he and I were sharing a bed and we’re only 18 months apart. Coming from a big family I’m pretty sure I didn’t get to sleep by myself until I went to college (not that we weren’t given the opportunity- just always had younger siblings who wanted to sleep with the big kids). My point is- they don’t know any better, and you can tell they’re obviously close in heart. Maybe your next project could be a homemade crib the size of a full mattress 😉 Like you don’t have enough other things to work on!

  • Anonymous

    I was looking at the first photo…..what product do you use to strip furniture and how do you use it. I hate stripping furniture, its so time consuming!

  • Bethany

    We’ll be giving more details about stripping (NOBODY’s favorite thing!) when we post about it next week. But the brand we used was Zinsser and it’s called Strip Fast Paint and Varnish Stripper. It was messy but effective. We’ll give a full report soon!