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A Sentimental Gift

I have a new favorite thing. My cousin Alyssa cross-stitched this:


Incredible, no? I had a short stint with cross-stitching back in the day, so I have an intense appreciation for the countless hours and explicit detail that went into this. Yowsers.


Thank you Alyssa! I can’t wait to get this up in the nursery!

From ‘MEH’ to Fabulous!
  • Renee’

    Beautiful! What a precious gift to cherish forever!

  • Anonymous

    just beautiful, you will keep this one forever. I actually have one that is 25 this year, my sister did it for my second son’s birth, and I still have it on display. Enjoy. Mary in NY

  • Lori C

    Beautiful! Tell her she needs to make another, cuz the girls will both want one as an heirloom when their older!

  • Meagan B.

    So precious! Wish I had one for my girls! I love the whole “two peas in a pod” thing. I found a sterling silver necklace online that is two peas in a pod on a coin-shaped thing with the babies’ names ingraved. MUST.HAVE.IT. Maybe for my birthday…

  • Alyssa

    Beth – So glad you like this :) Not sure about doing a second one, but it’s a nice thought. Hope things are going well, CAN’T BELIEVE the girls are almost a year old, and looking forward to seeing you in August!