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A Sentimental Gift

I have a new favorite thing. My cousin Alyssa cross-stitched this:


Incredible, no? I had a short stint with cross-stitching back in the day, so I have an intense appreciation for the countless hours and explicit detail that went into this. Yowsers.


Thank you Alyssa! I can’t wait to get this up in the nursery!


  1. Beautiful! What a precious gift to cherish forever!

  2. Anonymous says:

    just beautiful, you will keep this one forever. I actually have one that is 25 this year, my sister did it for my second son’s birth, and I still have it on display. Enjoy. Mary in NY

  3. Beautiful! Tell her she needs to make another, cuz the girls will both want one as an heirloom when their older!

  4. So precious! Wish I had one for my girls! I love the whole “two peas in a pod” thing. I found a sterling silver necklace online that is two peas in a pod on a coin-shaped thing with the babies’ names ingraved. MUST.HAVE.IT. Maybe for my birthday…

  5. Beth – So glad you like this :) Not sure about doing a second one, but it’s a nice thought. Hope things are going well, CAN’T BELIEVE the girls are almost a year old, and looking forward to seeing you in August!

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