Pantry Shelving and Stenciling

I’ve been torn about whether or not to share the progress that we’ve made on our pantry transformation, because it won’t truly be complete for a long lonnnnnng time.

What? I never mentioned that we’re doing anything to the pantry? That’s probably because it was really impulsive. And was supposed to be a quick little update.

You see, I’ve been begging Nick to put up a couple shelves above the washer and dryer ‘nook’ in the kitchen to serve as my pantry. Because up until now, I’ve been using two cabinets to hold an entire months worth of food. It looked a little something like this:


Lovely right? Tons of wasted space! And complete with the previous owner’s seafoam green color choice that used to grace our entire kitchen… yikes!

EVENTUALLY, we plan to move the washer and dryer into our unnecessarily massive downstairs bathroom, and use this entire ‘kitchen-y closet-y’ area as a huge dreamy pantry! But that won’t happen for awhile, because it involves plumbing and electrical things. And it’s not a huge priority at the moment. So for now, my laundry is IN my kitchen.

So on an impulse, Nick decided he was gonna rip out those cabinets and whip up some shelving for me! Oh happy day! Out came the cabinets…


And the whole little room got primed and painted white.


Ever since stenciling Brenda’s hutch, I’ve been in a stenciling state-of-mind. And I got a wild hair up my ample back-side and decided to stencil the entire back wall “real quick”… before Nick built the shelves. Heh. Heh.


TWENTY FIVE (non-consecutive) HOURS LATER… it looks like this.


Worth it? Yes.  But I prefer not to talk about it. Except to say that I painted that *#&;%^ stencil 225 times. A few times during the process, we had to peel of thick rubbery dried layers of paint from the stencil.


In case you’re wondering, I used the same steps to create my stencil from my ‘Make your own stencil TUTORIAL’.

Nick got busy tinkering with his man-tools, and built me the most amazing custom shelves!

And this is what it looks like NOW!  I know it totally looks like a chic laundry room,  but it is in fact my pantry (that’s allowing the laundry facilities to stay temporarily)!!



The shelves even wrap around both corners!

I’m waiting to load it up with food, because we’re wanting to line the shelves with some protective drawer liners of some kind. I love how crisp, modern and textured my pantry-slash-laundry room looks!


I’m soooooooooo anxious to have this WHOLE area as my pantry, but for now I’m super content and appreciative for my shnazzy little multi-purpose corner of the kitchen! It’s a work in progress!

  • Anonymous

    I painted my pantry last week too! oddly a very similar stencil and color!

  • Joy Fuson

    very beautiful!!!!! LOVE the stencil! and I totally know what you mean by, lets not talk about it. But it turned out beautifully!!! Great job!

  • Lori C

    So very fancy, for a pantry!! Looks great. My’pantry’ is also in my laundry closet…24″ wide by about 7′ tall. Not much space but it works!

  • Renee’

    Wonderful job – great looking and I am totally jealous! I don’t think I would have the patience to do that much stenciling!

  • Anonymous

    Love it! and Happy 1st Mothers Day, hope it was very special. Mary in NY

  • Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats

    Wowzaaaa look at that stencil job! Sooo pretty!! How are your hands feeling after that? That is no easy task! It’s so beautiful!!!!

  • Alyssa

    Super chic laundry room! I kind of want to live in it. 😉

  • carol

    very nice. you and husband do awesome team work.

  • Erin Hall

    You have inspired me to want to try some stencilling. I was going to stencil the concrete floor in the office my husband is building me in the basement and then realized I have to use Oil and I am pregnant so that’s not happening… but great job on that wall.

  • Abbie


  • Sonya

    That turned out beautifully!! Good choice on ditching the cabinets. The open shelving looks amazing and I can imagine it will let you utilize the space much more. Awesome job!

  • Melinda

    You are such a clever one; this turned out awesome! I’m coveting those shelves for my out-of-control craft room. Love!

  • corner pantry cabinet

    This is beautiful!!!!! Great looking and I am totally jealous!

  • Robyn ~ Everyday a la Mode

    Your wall looks great! I’m planning to redo our kitchen pantry and have been tossing around whether the stencil or not. I love your results, but I am intimidated by your 25 hours of work on one wall. I was thinking about doing all 4 walls…. Maybe now I will only do the back wall. :) Thank you for your tips! Great job!

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  • Lisa

    I showed this to my husband because this is a perfect solution to our lack of proper pantry space in our current house- and he mentioned how he thought the soap would permeate into the dry goods and make them “taste” like soap. …has that happened? :)

    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      Oh not at all. We just dedicate a little corner of one of the shelves to laundry stuff and have some small appliances next to it, so there isn’t any food RIGHT next to the soap. Never had a problem! This layout has been a lifesaver for us!