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New Additions to the Kitchen ~ Garage Sale Updates!

Ok, like a year ago… I got this little shelf at a garage sale. It was one of those sales that’s in a warehouse and you pay $5 bucks at the door for a garbage bag, and you can fill it with whatever you want! All for $5! Silly me wasted a ton of room in my bag for this unfortunate little homely shelfy-hook thing.


I came home, painted it white, and it hung in a closet holding the girls’ bathing items. Until now!

So ya know how we have this bench with hooks above it for our coats/hats and whatnot in our kitchen, no?


Well I decided the girls needed their own shorter hooks so they can reach… once they start walking. Also, because it’s just plain cute. I had Nick put it up right below our dry erase calendar and ‘bill’ board.


Last weekend, while garage-saling with my girl Nicole, I picked up this little frame and angry porcelain owl for less than a dollar. I knew a fresh coat of glossy paint would bring them both back to life! I primed them both first using Kilz spray.


And since I wanted my frame to be white anyway, I sprayed on a glossy coat of Krylon white! But I had different plans for my owl friend. I wanted him to be bright and cheerful! And since we already have PLENTY orange accents in the kitchen, I went with Krylon Ivy Leaf!


I popped in a photo of the girls taken by Molly Long Photography… and placed them on our new little shelf! I think it’s super cute. And a great place to throw our keys when we walk in the door!


Wanna know a secret? These shoes are totally staged. They would never look like this all lined up and cute. Never.


So there ya have a quick little tweak to our home, complements of garage sales… and a little spray paint!


  1. Super cute!

  2. Cute idea. Now I need one.

  3. I love the cute little coat hanger idea! nice job with the owl, looks WAY better. Thanks for the shout out!

  4. your house is soooo perfect looking! Its beautiful!

  5. love it!! and love your shoes!! Can you tell me where to get them??

  6. my familys shoes look like for all of never!! :o) love the low coat for the ladies! I am planing on getting something low for my ladies but I havent found anything I like yet!!

  7. Gina C. says:

    Cute! I want one for my kids coats now too!

  8. Oh my gosh, those adorable little shoes!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My husband made the plaque with the clothespins for us to dry the kids mittens by the wood stove back in the 1970′s. Cute idea for notes as well.

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