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Paint, Mums, and a Vintage Light Globe

If you’ve been around the blog for… oh, let’s say the last two years (Hi Mom!), you may remember this sweet birdhouse/garden ornament thingy that my sister made for me, and that I absolutely love.


Well a couple weeks ago, I made a plea for ideas with what to do with this awesome vintage fan globe that we removed from our living room and got some fantastic ideas!


Ultimately, I decided I wanted it to be outside… and it absolutely needed color. My first instinct was to spraypaint it. But a reader suggested I paint the INSIDE! So genius.


Using some leftover paint from our glossy swirls on the kitchen wall, I just poured in a half cup or so, and rolled the paint around in there until the whole thing was covered, and then dumped out the excess!




After letting that dry for a couple days, Nick fanagled me a wire contraption to allow my globe to hang as a flower pot on the decorative birdhouse rungs! I was feeding the babes while this process was going on… forgive me for not photographing this step.  :) Next I set out my supplies… (the most important one being the baby monitor, heh heh).


These are some Mums that we snagged at the store yesterday… I love them because they’re bright and cheerful. And they look like wildflowers.


Using the potting soil from one of the paint cans that were previously hung on the birdhouse, I started filling my globe.


Then I tucked two of my little flower bunches in, and filled the crevices with more soil.


I dusted off my hands, hung it up next to the other rustic-looking paint can’o’flowers, and stood back to admire at my pretty little creation!


Reuben admired it for a moment as well.


One more small step towards cheering up our exterior! My momma is coming out SOON to help me tackle the weedy mess that surrounds my new-ish cute birdhouse! Can’t wait!


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  • pearlspaisleysandpetticoats

    That turned out awesome. I like the color you used for it, gorgeous. I like the rope around the top/base, it makes it look a bit more rustic. I like inexpensive/free projects. Well done.

  • Stephanie

    I really like how that looks painted… and I love the flowers!

  • Kendra

    I love how this turned out. The color is so bright and summery!

  • StasiaCT

    I love the idea of painting the inside!! It came out great, I love how you can still see the light on the glass detailing!