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Rockin’ End Table

We’ve had this end table in our garage for at least a year.

It’s very charming and has obvious potential, but lightening wasn’t hitting me on what to do with it. It’s a really interesting design with a tray-type thing that comes off the top, allowing for a shadowbox effect. (the glass had been removed in the ‘before pic’. Finally Nick got tired of looking at it, and had some lightening of his own… and I said GO FOR IT BABE!

Drawing from his love for music, he tore up some old sheet music and decoupaged it to the top surface like an old pro! I would have helped, but I was napping.

He painted the end table based on his inspiration from a shiny red electric guitar.

We used this opportunity to try out Krylon’s Dual two-in-one paint/primer. We’d like to report that we neither love it nor hate it. Our feelings are neutral.

In addition to the shiny red paint, Nick took it upon himself to add some very fine glitter to the poly to give it a shimmery glossy effect, similar to a guitar! Real men use glitter.

The result is this super rad “rockin’ end table”!

I love the retro vibe. There’s just something about a red end table that adds an exclamation point to a room! Like this other one we did!

And the fact that this was completely Nick’s vision! I love that guy.

As usual, this bad boy is going up for sale. Our faithful readers get first dibs! *UPDATE* sold!

TGIF Anyone?
  • Renee’

    Love the glitter! I have a table somewhat like that only it is oblong. I painstaking refinished the thing back to it’s original old self. I wish I would have painted instead! Nick’s makes much more of a statement! Love it!

  • Nicole Hedden

    what an awesome table! LOVE IT

  • Lori

    i have an addiction to tables. my garden shed can attest to it.

  • Dana Alley

    this table is amaaaazing! I would buy it, but my hubby REALLY dislikes retro stuff 😛 Don’t know how we get along…LOL. JK

  • Lori C

    WHERE do I find a hubs like yours??? One that is creative, likes junk and stuff, that’s hot to boot? Does yours have an older (single) brother by chance?? lols! :)

  • Dana the wedDing JunkiE

    This look amazing! I would be a proud wifey too!

  • Anonymous

    How do I purchase the table? What are the steps?

    • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

      So sorry but this piece has already been sold.