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My Memories Scrapbook Suite GIVEAWAY!

Oh my gosh you guys, something exciting is happening! The makers of My Memories has contacted me about hosting a giveaway for their amazing digital scrapbooking software!

Their timing couldn’t be more perfect, because I’ve been feeling pretty guilty for letting pictures of the girls pile up, when I could be putting them in albums. But albums are so… uncreative. But scrapbooking is so… messy. And expensive. Consider not only the cost of printing all your pictures, but also purchasing scrapbook papers, various punches, glue/tape, embellishments, ribbon, stamps, stickers, blah blah blah. And then, you have to designate an entire room to this project. Because we all know it looks like Martha Stewart vomited all over everywhere after just a half hour of letting your creativity run wild.

So… My MemoriesSuite is a software package that is soooo fun and easy. You can create your pages from scratch, or use one of hundreds of templates they have available! They provide over 1,500 papers, and over 1,000 page elements (ribbons, buttons, brads, flourishes, flowers, bows, TONS of fonts, colors, shapes, need I go on?!). You’re gonna have a blast with this! And clean up is as simple as clicking SAVE!

My Memories allows you to print your own scrapbook pages, or you can have them professionally printed and bound into books for a very affordable price! You can also share your digital scrapbook with all your friends and family members, or post it right to Facebook. They seriously thought of everything!

And, your kids and family will have a timeless collection of photos and memories to cherish for a long, loooong time!

You may think that because I’m a blogger, I’m computer savvy… but it’s not true. I was really intimidated to try this because just the word ‘software’ makes me a little sweaty. But… it’s SOOO easy and self-explanatory. And FUN! Are you so excited?

Complements of My Memories, we’re giving away one My Memories Suite (a $40 value) to a lucky blog follower! (I’ve always wanted to say that!!)


All you have to do is comment below and tell us what your current method of photo storage or display is. For example: MY photo’s are all saved into folders on my computer, labeled by month and year. Ever since cameras went digital, I fell off the hard-copy bandwagon. I would die if my computer was stolen or died permanently. It’s sad, and I’m ashamed if you must know.

Only one entry per email address, and no entries after midnight on Sunday night (1/15). Winner will be selected at random and announced Monday morning!

But WAIT! (yep, always wanted to say that too!) hehe… I have a promo code that will allow any one of you to receive $10 off the My Memories Suite AND $10 off their online store! You should totally take advantage of this. You’re going to love  this program, and your kids will thank you someday when they have a beautiful memory book designed my YOU! Here’s the promo code: STMMMS22303

Comment away my friends!

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  • Kelly Beatrice

    ooweeee! I just love the idea of this for gifts, say, for the wedding I’m planning in my head. with no ring. alas.

    my current method of photo storage is quite pathetic: folders by season and year, i.e. Fall 2011, and my “backup” is Facebook. super lame. As far as display goes, I only print photos when giving as gifts to someone else. Most likely because I find normal photobooks boring and scrapbooking in real life would bankrupt me if I tried to do it right!

  • midRae

    This would be amazing just to document my grandsons growth and life. 17mnths and running to his future and I do mean running the kid never stops.

    As for saving everything, files on the computer and wish for an external hard drive. but not much thought into printing anything unless I want to hang a new family photo on the wall or as a gift. It looks like I’m the only one who gets to enjoy all of those amazing shots I took. hhmmmmmmmm You’ve got me thinking. :)

  • Nicole Hedden

    I’ve been MEANING to do something like this with my pictures for a LONG time… Mine are all stuck on my computer and external hard drive, in folders… “rotting” away. :(

  • Momofpresidents

    I used to LOVE to scrapbook!! I was able to do an album for my wedding, honeymoon and almost completed my 1st son’s 1st year….before things went south. By south, I mean babies 2, 3, 4 and 5.

    My pictures are either in a storage container, not sorted or marked! On a disc, which is stuck in the cupboard! Or on the memory card. Being the youngest of 8 and having no baby book to speak of…I VOW to do better! This looks like the ticket, especially if its easy to use:)

  • emilyc

    I love your first layout! So cute. I was a paper scrapper, but with three kids there is no time or room. So now my pictures are all on my computer waiting for some love. The most I do with them is post them to my blog and make a yearly calendar for the family.

  • calcottc

    I scrapbook and totally agree with you about the mess. I’m sitting here with my scrapbook bag, cricut and stamps laying on the floor in a pile because not to many ladies get lucky enough to have a craft room.
    I haven’t tried digital scarpbooking but I think it’s time to give it a try!

  • danadashoop

    very cool!!! wtg!!

  • SE Backsplash N

    Hi Beth – I like many others love love to take pictures, however they all just sit on my computer in folders and nothing creative is being done with them. With my upcoming African safarri trip, I just can’t let the beautiful pictures just sit in my computer and would love to have something like the My Memories Suite. Pick me, pick me 😉 Chris Houle

  • Rose Hartschuh

    Nifty! I’ve always wondered about digital scrapbooking, but I haven’t tried it. I keep all of my photos on my computer, sorted by event or month. I occasionally print some off to scrapbook, but like you said, it gets expensive!

  • holly Kupka

    Yay! Something I would love to do. Always scrap booked in college and now well of course my two year old and twins don’t let me get away for a min.

    All my photos are either saved on the computer…CDs lying around the house :(…facebook…our the newest technology these days my lovely cell phone.

    Sometimes I wish I lived in the older days so that I actually printed them off(developed) them and put then into albums. All this technology has gotten me lazy! 😉

    Hope your having a great day with your beauties. I need to make my way out soon to see then again!

  • klosborn86

    Love the idea of a digital scrapbooking program seems so easy!!

    My current method of storage….my computer which contains a folder for each year with random photos. And not to mention that shoe box that is sitting at the top of my closet with old photos from when there wasn’t digital photos!

  • Beth Willmore

    How fun! I currently have some of my phones saved on my camera, on my computer, some in a box in my daughter’s room, and lots on my blog. Awful I know!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok so I have this internal desire to do some kind of scrapbooking. I have an acquaintance that does digital Creative Memories and it just so amazes me that she has something for her kids to look back on. I have tried to purchase items from Walmart and various other stores to do so and to no avail it has turned out half used and expensive. The bulk of my pics are in plastic ziplock baggies,this ritual has been passed down from my mother, that I have in plastic tubs along with lots of other pics stored on my computer at home. I know that I most likely will not get to the platic bags that need to be scanned first but my goal is to start in the now! I have 3 children and one on the way. We also are moving from town to an acreage! Chickens, cats, and ponies OH MY! Would love a way to start documenting what I beleive is a new chapter in our crazy world!
    Breanne :)

  • Steph

    Such a great idea- I really don’t know why I haven’t done digital scrapbooking yet?! I currently put a lot of my favorite pics on my blog & facebook and also save them on my computer by month and year. I’ve thought of printing my blog but have 7 years worth- digital scrapbooking may be a better answer!!

  • Heather Bergman

    My current method of storing pictures is on the computer hard drive. Right now there are 8 months worth of pictures that still need to be labeled and organized. I also have about a 150 stored on the camera.

    I used to print pictures off for photo albums, but who has time for that? This would so help me get organized!

  • Mamawah HIll

    I have 2 year old twin boys and I have hundreds of pictures stored in every folder imagineable. No organization, no label, no dates…HELP!!!ARGH!!! I could so use this!

  • Alyssa

    Super stellar giveaway!! I was just looking into digital scrap booking the other day, it’s so SMART!!

    My photos are all very disorganized, but on my computer. I too, would die if my computer were stolen. :)

    So excited about this giveaway!!

  • Lyndsey

    I store photos the same as you. And I almost never touch them up, look at them, or print them. Very, very sad.

  • Michele

    WOW girl – you have hit the big time! I do have digital stuff uploaded to Shutterfly, but most of my kids photos are hard copy and stored in shoeboxes. So sad…

  • Tonia Hinderks

    I have boxes and boxes of pre-digitals “hidden” under our coffee tables and folders and folders of post-digitals on my laptop and desktop. For Christmas my hubby bought me a digital picture frame that is pretty sweet. We have 6 kids and there is sooooo much I want to do with the photos but don’t have the time, space or energy!

  • Weaver’s Whimsy

    My photos are stored just like yours except not nearly as organized. :/ I have one kid who’s first 4 years are film and one kid who all digital except for the first few months. I could definitely use something like this!

  • Beth in the City

    Mine? On various harddrives. Mostly backed up, but not totally. Like you, I would die if I loose them! I need an intervention!

  • Jessica

    Thankfully most of mine are stored on an external hardrive!! Some are printed and in regular boring old albums.

  • Ry and Heather

    hmm..other then what you mentioned I have boxes, bags, memory cards, you name it…PICTURES EVERYWHERE, but no way to go through and look at them with the kiddos. It’s a very sad thing! I wish I could put them together! I used to scrapbook…but had kids…and that kinda…died! I would love to be able to look through my pictures with the kids and tell them all the fun stories!

  • Ashley K.

    I keep my photos on a hard drive. I have them in a Pictures folder that is broken down into subjects with the date. So, Holidays 2011, Vacation January 2012, etc. I have recently been trying to find a decent way to print them all to have hard copies that doesn’t kill my bank account! This would be a more fun project!

  • Amber

    My photos are on my work pc, a few on my personal pc, some on discs – whatta mess! I dream of scrapbooking all of this fun stuff, but I just never get around to it. Like you said, the manual route is expensive, and…manual! I love software like this, and would LOVE to finally do something with those beautiful wedding photos we took ohhhh 6 years ago! And we’re just starting our IVF journey, I want to chonicle every step of the process. I see the pic of your sweet emby’s and am so excited to get our own here in 3 weeks or so! Oh and of course, I don’t have to tell you how expensive IVF is, so I’m sure you know how much I would love FREE SOFTWARE! :) Thanks!

  • Renee’

    As someone else said, I have albums and albums of “pre-digital” pictures stored in cupboards so high that only my 6’4″ husband can reach. Since we have gotten into the 21st century, they are now all stored on my hard drive backed up to a CD. I would love something like this to save all my grandkids adventures with grandpa and grandma! What a great thing to have!

  • Janelle

    Ugh, pictures. Love to take them but never know what to do with them afterward. Unfortunately, it seems like I only print the ones I give away and the rest are sitting in folders by year, and then in subfolders by month. I back them up by leaving them on the SD card and putting that in our safe and they’re also backed up on an external hard drive. (I have a serious fear of losing pictures of my boys!) But this software sounds and looks incredible – I’ve always wanted to try scrap booking but have never had the time or room. Even if I don’t win, I may just buy it and get busy!

  • Joshua

    Photos are all on all my computers.

    I make shared folders for family so in Dropbox they all see and automatically get all the right photos too. I like dropbox best because it’s fast and automatic.

    If you have more than 2gigs+ of photos you want to protect go with carbonite,, or google’s got a good option via Picasa.

    For Dropbox with an extra 250mb use this link: …and for Beth I’ll totally help set it up for you via email. It is way not ok to have those photos at risk. Get them backed up online (please). It’ll take 10 minutes or less to setup and it’s automatic after that.

  • Dora & Roger

    Oh my gosh… you dont want to know where I store mine. I have some printed out, some on a a’couple’ SD Memory Cards, some on usbs & most on my computer. I’ve completely lost track of organizing them. I do not know how it ever got this way. But I don’t have any time to organize them. I do however, make time to capture memories everywhere I go. The only challenge is organizing them. Ahhhh! I’m going to go crazy! I started scrapbooking a while ago, but it took too much time & money & everything else. I have so many great pictures that can be added into my scrapbook, but when I walk into my room to work on it, I get a BIG headache….

    I wish everything was easier….. hahaha…

  • Annie

    What a fun giveaway!! Whoot Whoot! My pictures are stored on my computer and the hard drives of two dead computers. My wonderful husband was able to high jack the hard drives and recover 13 years worth of digital photos. I dream of being a scrapbook queen. I dream of a whole room in my house just for scrapbooking! Digital sounds more realistic!!

  • Sarah Ehlers

    I don’t even want to get into my picture dilemma…There’s just too much to explain. But basically, I don’t scrapbook because it’s so darn expensive and I’m such an annoying perfectionist that I would rip up anything I made. Needless to say, this software would be absolutely perfect for me! :) I have a box full of pictures from the past…And my most recent pictures are (of course) on my computer. They never get printed or looked at really. Even if I’m not chosen for the giveaway, I LOVE the sound of this software. I just might have to try it out! :)

  • Anonymous

    Ok so some of them are on CD, some are on the PC, some are on my husbands laptop and some are on my new laptop. Would LOVE to have this software on my laptop! I’ve been wanting to do something like this, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Elissa R

  • Jed and Kera

    I SO want to win!!! Right now I have all pictures on my PC. They are organized by year and then month. I also upload them to Shutterfly just in case something happens to my computer.

  • BethLily2009

    Well unfortunately mine too are also stored on my computer, not in any real order what-so-ever either.. I have a few hundred pictures stored on my laptop but rarely move them from my camera, they just kinda stay in lingo I guess..only if Im super bored and am not chasing my three year old around,( which is pretty much close to never) will I upload. It. just. takes. fooorever…and Yes, I too feel like a bad parent for the ways our generation was taught to store such important memories! I’d better get my act together though, as we are expecting our son two days after our daughter’s 3rd b-day in March! Bring on the pictures!!

  • Rachel Gardner

    My pictures are stored in various stages of completeness/technology. I have photo boxes with all my oldest pictures and scrapbooks for my high school years. Now everything is on my macbook (which I love) in my iphoto. I would love to start scrap-booking again but it’s way too spendy for me and I don’t have time being a full-time student again.

  • Beautiful Haven

    What a fun giveaway and I love your scrap book. I currently have everything on the computer and a few pictures in baby girl’s baby book. I would love to do something like this for her.

  • Tarra

    What a fun idea…I can’t even begin to think of how many times I said I should scrapbook stuff for my girls…but then I know I am an over achiever and I would have to buy all that stuff to make it happen…so it never has happened and my girls are 15, 14, 12, and 10. Oldest is a sophmore…so maybe senior graduation stuff might be easier with this ! Awesome…I always love you creative and new ideas.

  • Brieanna

    Well all of my pictures go on to the computer. Not in any order what so ever…just when ever the picture is taken:)I love scrap booking but I love doing my scrap booking on the computer at a cheap price sooo much more.

  • Gypsy

    Uh, I have about 10 completed albums. My most recent was created with However, I have many years gapping the bridge with photos in a box and a sticky indicating the year of the photos. :( Will I ever catch up? Is that what retirement is for? Then I have numerous pictures that were digital and lost due to computer frying episodes. Aaargh!

  • Miss Maharry

    All of my photos are stored on my external hard drive that is in a very safe place! I just recently spent my evening organizing the hard drive according to year and date from the past 6 years (pheww!) I feel much better now! I have made various books from iPhoto, but this software looks amazing! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Anonymous

    All of my photos are stored on my computer. So I’d be devastated if something happened to my computer. I am definitely going to check this software out. :)
    Thanks Misty.

  • Unknown

    I would love to win this! Most of my photos are in scrapbooks but my goal this winter is to scan ALL of them…gasp :)

    frogribbit44 AT gmail DOT com


  • Anonymous

    My photos are all stored on my laptop. I have folders for each month of the year and at the end of the year I put them all in one folder. I also save them all to snapfish so that if something happens to my computer, I don’t lose all my pictures.
    mom2farmboys at gmail . com

  • Anonymous

    So all of my digital photos are stored on my computer by year and date taken. We do back-up to an external hard drive that would be the first thing I would grab in a fire (once the family is safe).

    All of my old, hard copy photos are in a gigantic storage container. And I mean gigantic. I think all 3 of my kids could fit in it. I can’t even lift it. Seriously. It is ridiculous.



    jenwhit4 at wildblue DOT com

  • Anonymous

    YAH! I am so happy you started scrapbooking for your girls. Trust me they will LOVE it some day and make it all worth it. I have been scrapbooking for my daughter who is now 4 since she was born. It is my goal every year by her Birthday to have her books updated. She now has 8 books and loves to go pull them off the shelf and look at the pictures. When I started I did the real scrapbooking thing with the books, paper, stickers, ect. It is cute but like you said time consuming, space consuming and cost consuming. After her 3rd book I switched to Snapfish. I LOVE digital scrapbooking but after her 4th Snapfish book they were all starting to look the same. You are very limited on your designs, layouts and sticker options. The most recent book I just did I used Shutterfly however, I am afraid I am going to run into the same problem I did with Snapfish. So I would LOVE to win this prize. I have never heard of it but from looking at your blog and checking it out online I love the flexibility to design it the way you want it. Would be perfect for me and something I could use forever. Again I am so happy you started scrapbooking!!! It is such a great gift to give your girls.

  • Danielle

    I honestly am ashamed to say I have no organized method for storing my pictures! Sadly they all just end up in the folder that’s created when I upload them to my laptop. This software would help me to get things organizes.

  • Angie Claus

    I’m totally trying this again, in a different browser…. My photo storage is abosolute chaos… some on the computer, so on cd’s in our firebox…. no bueno!

  • loeywinans

    a lot are on my computer but more are on my iphone!

  • Kelsey Chelsey

    The majority of my pictures remain on my phone, however when I do break out the digital camera … they end up in a folder on my computer listed by the date that the upload happened. Needless to say, this is a terrible way to keep photo’s. Even after I had a computer completely die on me a few years ago, I still haven’t learned my lesson about photo storage!