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Looking Back @ 2011

Well whatdoya know, it’s a brand new year! I made it to 9:30 on New Year’s Eve… not because I’m sleep deprived though. I’m just an early-to-bed kinda girl. Ain’t nothing I’d rather do on New Year’s Eve than rent a movie to watch with my betrothed lover… and hit the hay early.

I’ve never been one for making resolutions of any kind, I just like to think of each new year as a new beginning. And I love to take some time to look back on the last year at all that we accomplished. Click on each photo to go to that post. Reminisce with me!

WOW. Not bad for being pregnant half the year, and having twinfants the second half of the year! When I lay it out like that… it makes me feel pretty darn productive!! And if that’s not enough, I included a couple of our favorite backsplashes, but in reality… we painted 32 backsplashes in 2011. And started S/E Backsplash with a ‘branch’ in Minnesota! And my mom, sister and I started up our Etsy Shop!

Of course, our biggest and best accomplishment of all was conquering infertility and finally having our tiny blessings… our baby girls. They are truly the light of our lives. I can’t imagine life without them. Fight for what you want, my friends. The reward will be priceless.

May 2012 bring you joy and blessings!

To my Beloved
Spoiled Little Scoundrels
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12189942600087414322 Gypsy

    love, Love LOVE this picture! Such angels!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00332726196245955439 Paul

    You are an amazing woman, Bethany, and you are married to an amazing man. You two compliment each other. I am so proud of you. Dad