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Admittedly, I’ve been experiencing a serious debilitating case of  ‘designers block’ with the bedroom. I’m loving the addition of the nightstands, headboard, and swag lamps, but I just don’t know what color to paint the walls. It’s a big decision. It sets the whole mood for the room. Do I go neutral since the headboard is bright and the nightstands are that burnt orange color? (in which case I might as well leave it the boring beige that it is). Do I go bold because I’m me? I just don’t want to get it painted and then hate it.  And I can’t really do curtains until the wall color is established. Ya know?

I’m just thinking out loud here…

I guess I’m not as motivated with the master bedroom as I was with the nursery! Which I still LOVE.

Speaking of nursery, I made a little video a few minutes ago of our wake up routine! Every morning, I listen to the girls coo and squeal at each other on the baby monitor for awhile, and when I can’t stand their cuteness anymore and HAVE to see chubby little smiley faces… I start my trek up the stairs, and that’s where this video starts!.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness!!! That is about the cutest video I have ever seen!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Your little ladies are adorable!!

  2. Pick your fabric for the curtains first. Paint stores can always match a color in the fabric. But it’s almost impossible to find fabric to match a shade of paint. Don’t ask how I know this. Love the video of the twins. Nothing sweeter than babies waking up.

  3. Oh my word, they are sooooooo cute!!!!

  4. I loved how they immediately stretched! So cute!

  5. So so precious!! I love how they both stretched! Nothing better than waking up to happy babies! ~Stephanie

  6. What cuties! I’m sure you already know this, but if they can roll over, then it’s not safe to swaddle them anymore. I’m sure that milestone is coming soon, so just a reminder!

  7. Do they always wake up so happy!? That’s adorable :) My son usually wakes up very loud and demanding but the days when he wakes up smiling makes my day! You have two of the most beautiful little girls ever

  8. They are so cute waking up! I love the smiles and the big stretches! I love babies when they can interact with you. How fun! And I am with Liz, pick the curtain material first and you can go on come color in there!

  9. anonymous! thanks for your concern regarding swaddling and rolling. while they’re not even close to rolling, i’ve been starting to try and ‘ween’ them from swaddling. it’s so hard because they sleep SO much better with their arms confined (we call the velcro things their ‘straitjackets’ HA!) but i know we cant do that forever. right now i have them napping during the day with one arm free, so we’ll see how that goes and eventually let the other arm hang free as well. :)

  10. Beth, they are sooooo cute. I love the video. I watched it at least five times. Totally made me smile.

  11. Love this video!! So adorable how they stretch and smile. You are doing such a good job with them! Thanks for posting it! Sorry I have no comments on your bedroom color…:)

  12. they are TOO precious! love those cheeks! :)

  13. I think if you had coral accents that would be pretty sweet, or as a secondary color

  14. I was scratching my head wondering “How the heck does she keep them swaddled through the night?!” Until I heard the velcro–aha! What a clever invention..and what a cute video–fun to see them in action:)
    And I vote for finding the curtains’ll kick yourself if you paint and then find fabric you love that doesn’t go with the paint!!

  15. shocker… they are morning people ;)

  16. I still swaddle my Little Man and he is almost 5 months. I’m aware and careful (and he isn’t rolling yet) but I really don’t think it is that big of a deal. You’re a wonderful Momma and you’d never hurt your sweet girls!! Keep up the good work with your girls.

    On the bedroom front…if you want bold, a bright teal like the headboard would be awesome. You could do just one wall, or two opposite walls for a “little” burst of color…:)

  17. it is probably a good thing i don’t live near you (i don’t think i do anyways) because if i saw you and these sweet babies in the store it would take all my self control not to just run up and kiss kiss kiss them! they are so delightfully adorable :) isn’t it amazing how your babies are loved by so many?

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