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Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork {Crafting with Twinfants}

So my sis-in-law Kelly gave me a great idea for  a craft to do with the babes! I’m always looking for fun cute things to do with the girls (even though they’re babies!). I love footprint crafts because it’s a great way to make artwork that’s sentimental  yet still involves the little one!

We started out by whipping out a little rainbowy stamp pad and some card stock.

NOTE! Rainbow stamp pad is non-toxic, safe for baby’s skin, and can be purchased here.

Then I just pressed the stamp pad on their little tootsies! After getting them all inked up, I held their ankle still for a few seconds to wait for them to stop wiggling before I pressed that chubby foot onto the card stock!

And then I just used a couple markers to draw in the body of the butterfly, antennas, and the girls’ names!

And I pulled out some cheap unused picture frames, and spray painted them gray with some leftover Krylon.

Cute, right? I can’t decide if I’ll put them on that long shelf in the nursery, or hang them on the living room wall for awhile! Thoughts?

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  1. Those turned out GREAT!!! Well done, Beth!!
    You are such a patient mom! Infant rooms at a good daycare are great at sending art home like that!! I have lots more art ideas that I found on pinterest. Miles and I just made pumpkins with finger paint on Sunday…

    I should really blog the project :)

  2. ooh.. here’s the next one for the girls!

    Sorry… I’ll stop filling up your comments section!

  3. Love! They turned out great!

  4. Those are so cute!!! What a great idea!

    Definitely put them in the living room – they’ll be seen more by guests and you can admire them even while the tots are napping. :)

  5. Thanks everybody! And thanks for the ideas Kelly! I’ve really been wanting to do some handprint ideas like this

    But the girls’ little hands are always in tight fists! even if I pry them open, they’re just tense little fingers, and go right back into fists. Why are my babies so tense?! Stress?!?!

  6. Foot crafts with infants are the way to go! ;o) Upside down white footprints turn into cute ghosts for Halloween. I also made really cute papier mache 1st Christmas ornaments last year for the grandparents by turning an upside-down baby footprint into a santa hat, with a little white pom pom right on top.

  7. um…. so what is astounding to me here is that their footprints are so different! I mean, they are so different, but it’s interesting anyways :)

  8. Those turned out so cute! I like yours better than the original. :) Your handwriting is fabulous!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Any ideas for a footprint that looks more boyish?

  10. Oh my goodness! This is so going into my Twincess’ room!!

  11. What a lovely and cute idea!! I need to blog about it, this is wonderful. Those framed footprints must be treasure for life.

  12. Shared it here with link back to your blog! Many thanks for sharing such cute idea.

  13. I have ‘walked’ my babies feet all over a T-Shirt…start at the shoulder and walked down and around..anywhere you want actually. My husband wore it with pride! made the sisters one too but used a cotton T-singlet. Always got lots of positive comments!

  14. Where did you bought that multicolor stamp pad? Beautiful work!

  15. These are SO cute! I’ll have to come up with something more boyish for my twin boys I’m expecting here soon!

  16. comment mettre en francais ?

  17. Anonymous says:

    colleen thorp – what an amazing idea. what did you use to do this? fabric paint?

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is so cute,wish I knew about it years ago :)..But then son is 5 years old,and we can do this together:)..I have his first footprints when he was 2 weeks old(he was born 7 weeks premature)..So we could make the butterfly and then put his first footprint in the corner..that would be awesome…

  19. I LOVE butterflies and this is a GREAT idea!!!! You did an AWESOME job.

    • Anonymous says:

      I used butterflies as the theme for my daughters room…even though she’s almost 3, I think we’re gonna do this!! She’ll be so excited!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thanks it’s a great idea!

  21. Anonymous says:

    So cute! I am going to do one with all three of my daughter’s children on one page and turn it into a garden for her for mother’s day!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Leah, I hope you do this!

  23. Has anyone even thought to ask if this “cute” idea is healthy for the baby? Is the ink completely toxin-free? Because whatever is in the ink WILL be absorbed through the babies skin and into his/her system.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I just want to say about debbie downer worrying her lil self to death over the toxicity of the paint to get a life. Some poeple r just hateful and jealous and have to suck the joy out of everything. I’m sure they did consider it just like someone as dumb as you did. By the way this is a great idea! Going to be doing it today with my 16 month old daughter! I think its a great interactive project to do at any age and any time you can spend time with your kids is invaluable!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Very cute idea…doing it this weekend!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Very cute will have to try it with my twins if they would stop curling their toes. What kind of markers did you use? Kids markers or stationary special markers ? How would you do it for a boy I suck at art and drawing lol.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Cute idea. Never thought of it. Did hand prints for my daughter when she was a baby 31 yrs ago lol

  28. So funny..nice..thank you!!!!

  29. Just had to comment that I have a 5 month old named Adelyn who we ALMOST named Paisley! Great minds think alike! Cute project!

  30. Could 3 year olds fit their footprint or handprint on the stamp pad?

  31. Super fun and cute idea! I tried it with my own little one and added it to a Mother’s Day gift round up on my blog. :)

  32. somayeh says:

    that was amazing.i want to do it for my babies in future.
    thanks a lot.
    somayeh from iran


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