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This and That

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I should post about something that’s NOT pregnancy/nursery related… or backsplash related. But it’s hard!! I never imagined how being pregnant would basically take over my life! Or that my ring size would go from 4.5 to 12 (yep, literally). I’ve been enjoying our acreage from indoors this year, feeling pretty idle. Occasionally I’ll sit out on the porch or in the grass, amongst all the dead ground squirrels and debris that Reuben proudly brings to our front door. But that’s about the extent of it. You can barely tell where my vegetable garden was last year, and the flower garden around the house is truly yucky. Of course, I have big plans for next year… the girls will know how to weed at a very young age!

We’ve stopped doing furniture projects until further notice. I have the energy in my mind, but my body says NO. I do however lay in the living room and think about how I’d like to hang curtains and paint the coffee table a different color, etc, etc. And since designing the nursery on a serious budget, we’re realizing that we should choose one room per year, and slowly make it awesome for cheap! This idea has my mind turning, trying to decide between the living room and our bedroom for our next big room project. I love our farmhouse, but there are only two rooms that I feel are actually finished in the ‘almost’ two years we’ve lived here! You guessed it… the kitchen and nursery.  When you’re DIYing everything, it takes time! But it feels so much more rewarding when it’s done.

I’m still working at the clinic part time, and starting to taper off. I have mixed feelings about this, because I love my job and the people I work with. But after working about 3 hours, my body feels like I’ve been doused in gasoline and lit on fire. Then again, being at home all day “resting for the babies” drives me completely crazy. You know your bored when the highlight of your day is blogging and checking your email.

I’m just writing today… you probably prefer picture posts. But this is what I’ve got today. Happy Friday everyone!

Janet's Backsplash
Nursery: The Final Chapter
  • Kelly

    I do love pictures… but I enjoy your thoughts more! Thanks for clearing your head, in my presence!

    Totally understand the pregnancy taking over your life and your world. Just as infertility consumes your every thought, so does growing the babies… and soon it will be keeping the babies fed, changed and rested. It only gets crazier from here…. Hang in there!

  • Autumn

    i vote for the bedroom to be next year’s project :) super excited to see you soon! hopefully our hangout tomorrow won’t tucker you out!

  • Stacey

    Let me know if I can come out and help in any way! Or just visit for some company! :)
    We will be starting to have Thursdays as “work from home days” next week.

  • pattie

    Oh the boredom…I know, easier said than done, but enjoy it while it lasts..very soon you won’t know the meaning of the word!!:)
    And just remember how very much your load bearing body appreciates the down time!!