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Nursery: Shelving

So I pull up to the “Nick’s Handyman Drive-thru” and roll down my window.

“Thank you for choosing Nick’s, what can I build for you today?”

“Yes hi! Ummmm… I’d like to order two floating shelves 2’x4.5″x2″, and a rack to hold books in the same length, and ahhhh, I’ll finish that off with a little coat rack with hooks that I’ll supply.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, for today. You know I’ll be back tomorrow!”

“Please pull forward to the first window.”

All jokes aside, that is almost exactly how things happen around here. And I’m lucky enough to have a guy that gets great joy out of building things and trouble shooting. He whipped out my order in NO time. First came the floating shelves:

Then came the little book rack. 
And finally, the hooks… One of the nursery items we bought on craigslist, we got these little Urban Outfitters hooks for FREE because the owner didn’t think she was gonna use them! Score!! This will be perfect for little jackets, hairbows, etc!

And here’s a little before/after of the wall!

It’s going to be a little reading nook where the girls and I can sit together and read books and whatnot. The nursery itself is rather small, so I wanted to leave this corner relatively empty just to free up the room.
Each item on the shelves has sentimental value… although obviously something needs to go in that empty picture frame.

I love my little custom wall that I special-ordered.

 For the record… Nick does does have flaws. I’ll do a bullet point post on that topic one of these days.
JK babe, JK

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  • Renee’


  • SingleMama

    The nursery looks incredible! What lucky little girls :)

  • Mallorie

    I LOVE those shelves!!! I saved that picture for ideas when I get to desigining my nursery! :-) I’ll be moving in my 7th month of pregnancy…CRAZY I know…ha so I need all of the ideas I can get!!! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Beth, I’m so happy for you. You have such great family and great handy hubby. I know the girls going to love their room. It’s always special to have things that build for you from the LOVE FOUNDATION:-)

  • Crystal

    I want a handyman drive-thru :)
    LOVE the reading nook you’ve created and especially love the sentimentality of all the items…it makes them seem like they all go together even though they are from different moments in time.

  • Stacey

    What does Nick charge for his handy work?
    I’d LOVE some shelves like that and a book shelf too!

  • Anonymous

    I just came upon your site today as I was looking for “backsplash” ideas and I read your entire site! You have such a cute and touching story and I’m so happy that you have 2 little bundles of joy who are due soon 😀 (I’m due with a boy July 29th).

    You’re giving me tons of ideas for our nursery! And our kitchen! We may just have to get in touch later as our kitchen is in demo mode right now as we are remodeling our new farm house.

    Yay for being almost done baking these babies!

    Emily-local Iowa pregnant farm wife :)

  • BethLily2009

    Your nursery is absolutely incredible! I’ve always wanted plantation style windows, just scares me with little ones running around.. but Im sure you could always put some sort of window gate/fence over it when they get old enough/daring enough to push on the windows or screens! Very nice job though, as I am being not so complimentary but my normal worrisome self.. sorry!

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