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Best Lunch Break

Although I love thrifting, most of the time I leave the store empty handed. I’ve learned the importance of only buying things that I absolutely love… and it has to be dirt cheap. And if it lacks one of these important factors, and I’m still  thinking about it days later, I just might go back and get it! But that wasn’t the story here!

On my lunch break, I had an hour of time to waste (it’s not like I can make it home and back in an hour!!) and didn’t really have any errands to run, so I swung by the local Goodwill! The same one where I got this little diamond in the rough.

Score! I got this little mug for 79 cents. How cute, right? Love that it’s retro. Love that it has a hint of orange. Love that it’s used.

I also picked up this mail organizer for $1.99. We’ve been keeping our eye out for one we really like, to hold our bills and such… and this one was perfect!! You may not think it’s altogether attractive right now.

We got down and dirty with our trusty orange paint and slapped on some WHITE glaze… (you can use any color of glaze! I learn something with each new project!) Totally Nick’s idea too.

And voila! Finished product!

It’s personalized. It’s hip. It’s totally functional!

Have any of you had any successful trips to the thrift store recently? Do tell!

I'm dying to know.
Emerging from Hibernation
  • Kelly

    that mail organizer looks perfect! I love the white glaze!

  • Karen

    Great idea. I love thrifting.

  • Katie

    Too cute!

  • K-T

    I love the mail organizer–will definitely have to keep my eye out for one like that around here!

    I recently scored the following items, all for under $6.00 thanks to a local thrift store that has half off days every month: an owl cookie jar, a milk glass bowl, a green glass tray, a vintage blue scarf, and a wine glass tasting tray, which I am going to repurpose into vases to display flowers or organize pens!

    Visit this link for photos and more details:

    I love thrifting!

  • Anonymous

    Did you guy’s sell the buffet you refinished?

  • Bethany

    kaitlin: LOVE your thrifty finds! that owl cookie jar is awesome!

    anonymous: YES! we sold our buffet! more projects to come!

  • Anna

    thrift stores are the best. i just bought like 5 old lady sweaters the other day and i’m rockin’ one right now.

  • Tammy

    I totally bought that exact same organizer this summer at the DI. I sprayed it ORB but didn’t love it so it’s still in the garage. Now I know what to do, only in green and white. I can’t wait!

  • Sandy@Life Began In A Garden

    Totally awesome project! The orange is great, so fresh.
    I came via Better After.

  • Caitlin and Cade

    Everyone keep your eyes out because that exact one is all over the place! I bought 2 of them at seperate times at seperate stores in Utah.. They are darling when they are all done up!

  • Lauren B.

    Looks great! I’ve never glazed with white (or a lighter color) before. What should the ratio of glaze to white paint be when mixing the glaze? Thanks!

  • Marcy Snook

    I have this same organizer! I never noticed before that you had one! Weird. :)

  • profeana

    Wow! I just posted on another post of yours about having the exact same trash can I am planning to redo, and I also have this same mail organizer in line to redo next. I love love love the white glazing. All of your projects turn out wonderful. Thanks for all the tutorials!