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Monetary Mosaic

Based on this photo, I know I have some explaining to do.

So here’s the story…
Back in my bachelorette days, whenever I would make a purchase, I would open a store card to get the 15% discount. I would then pay in full, close the card, and add it to my stack. So Bob, the answer to your question is NO, they are not active, and NO… you cannot have them.

So basically, this project has been in the works for 10+ years.

If you’re needing some liberation from your credit card debt, snip up your credit cards and do something fun!! It could be very therapeutic… I’m sure of it!

We didn’t quite have enough credit card ‘shards,’ so we broke a mirror.   I know I know, bad luck. Whatev.

After laying out all the pieces like a puzzle on the surface of this little coffee table, we glued them down, and poured on some epoxy to make for a clear, glossy, and even surface.

And Nick got to play with fire… his fave.

And then CELLO …it’s done! (I try to quote ‘School of Rock’ as often as possible). I know… not our most complex or profound project, but a conversation piece at the very least. My name is all over this one… literally. We’ll be keeping it. To protect my identity and credit score.  :)  And because it’s awesome!

Curiously enough...
Kendall Carolina
  • Kristin

    Love it Bethany!! Your ideas are amazing, I wish I had 1/2 of your creativity!!

  • Tara

    That is so neat! I would have never thought to use credit cards in a project like this! Great job!

  • Paul

    Way cool, Bethany! You are so talented with design stuff. You should e-mail this to Dave Ramsey. It would probably get showcased on his web site. Can I e-mail this to Greg Gasch to show his Financial Peace University class? He teaching it at church again this fall.

  • TheCreativeMrsK

    <3 <3 <3 Saw this idea on “She’s Crafty” and it’s recently come back to mind… Love that you did it toooo!!! And it looks awesome. I’m still dying over here.

    **CPR…needed…** TOO CUTE!

  • Jenn-Lee at Moments

    wow! I am a new reader and added your RSS to my google reader. I just HAD to jump on over and comment on this. This is such a cool project serving as a reminder to remain or always strive to be debt free as much as possible. It is so colorful too! Thanks for sharing this idea. Also- I love your blog and drool over your farm house. Your art is also amazing. Keep it up! :)

  • Chris L.

    I like the contrast between the reclaimed table and the buy-everything-you-want-new credit cards. Keep up the creativity, Bethany! It’s so fun to watch! We did a lot of furniture refinishing back in our early marriage, but never put the creative twist on it that you do. Love it!

  • kate makes it

    Amazing idea, love it…very creative!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE your blog and this idea! You’re so funny.

  • Kelly Brantley

    I am a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor and I love what you have done!!! Love creativity!!

  • Shawna C.

    I absolutely LOVE this !! I wonder if the concept can be done with fashion magazine covers. If there’s a way to achieve that PLEASE share :-) I’d love to have a coffee table with Fashion all over it .

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