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Recycling Scribbles

After our kitchen demo/reno, I took the liberty of putting up these three little unfinished wooden picture frames above the coat rack.

They’ve been serving their purpose, but let’s be honest… these photos were taken about 8 years ago (no exaggeration) and they were taken with a CHEAP camera (less than digital) and by an extremely amateur photographer (yours truly).

Here are the close up’s so you can fully appreciate the incentive for replacement. 

So as I was flipping through my old design portfolio from my short stint at the Iowa State University’s Interior Design Program, I came across these little tree sketches I had done back in the yesteryear of my youthful college days.

I decided to use them as my framed artwork, instead of my non-macro, out-of-focus floral snapshots.

This one is my favorite.

I like that the white background coordinates with the white of my kitchen cabinets. In fact, shortly after we painted the walls, I considered painting these three frames white to go with the white cabinets and trim… but decided that would be too matchy-matchy for my taste.

So these will do for now, until I find something else to showcase. This is something you could easily do with some cheap frames and your child’s artwork (if you’re lucky enough to have children of your very own) And I really like that it’s something more personal, being something scribbled with my own two hands… ok one hand, obviously.

Which brings me to the fact that: lately I’ve been wishing I was ambidextrous. It would just come in really handy when painting, or doing other hand/arm strenuous activities. Sometimes I just wish I could switch hands, ok? That’s all.

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  • Carrie Mitchell

    I love your trees! I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed reading every post. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I haven’t gotten into the blog scene, other than reading everyone elses. It’s on my list, hopefully one of these days!