Tutorial on how to build these SUPER sturdy and adorable Mod Kid's Chairs... a Land of Nod Knock-off! {Sawdust & Embryos}

Headboard Reveal

We’ve been working like a couple craizies, but the most fun has been had in the form of painting backplashes to look like real tile, and crafting custom headboards for a little side cash. It’s helping our Fertility Fund grow little by little!!

So here it is! Our most recent headboard creation! I give you… the handmade Chocolate Brown queen sized headboard.

Kim's Backsplash
  • Pure Health Foods

    You might want to start taking the supplement maca – it’s a root from Peru that helps to increase fertility. It’s much cheaper than InVitro, & it’s so nutritious for the body. Great for both men & women to take.

  • Sharon T

    Stunning headboard–absolutely beautiful. Hope it garners you lots of $$$ for your fund.

  • WinterBlog

    Ooh…I love this!!! I may have to use your talents soon :)

  • Anonymous

    Fertility fund? Yikes!