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Dirty Girl…

Why is it that in the winter, I fail to maintain the tidiness of my vehicle(s)? I never thought about it before today, when I realized that: my backseat is FULL of random crap and garbage, and it only accumulates to this degree of insanity during the winter months. It’s like I think to myself, “I’m so freezing so I’m just going to leave this piece of garbage in my backseat and make a beeline for the house”…. as if it would take me a single second longer to just GRAB it and make a beeline for the house. And over time… it accumulates and ACCUMULATES! I have work papers everywhere, receipts, shoes, wrappers, clothing, 32lb bag of dog food, oh my gosh, i can’t even list off all the things. My beloved snowboard and boots are still in the back from when we went snowboarding 3 months ago… it’s embarrassing really.

And although I know you are all are expecting a before/after shot of my backseat, I just can’t stoop that low people. It’s just not pretty. I know that you’re probably thinking it can’t be more disgusting than the picture of my uterus that I so openly shared, but the difference is… that was freeing and therapeutic for me. This? …is not.

Plus, that would mean there would have to be an ‘after’ photo of the clean vehicle, and I’m not yet prepared to drag my lazy self outside to clean it out.

I can feel you judging me.

Am I the only one that suffers from this Winter Careless Chaotic Syndrome? And is there a cure?

do however purposefully let the Jeep’s EXterior get this dirty, because let’s face it… Jeeps look bad-ass when they’re dirty.

Little Rascals
  • Anonymous

    My car is full of random garbage as well. And a headlight is out! Just waiting…

    -Dan J