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Tis the season to be BUSY

When asking just about anyone, I think the most common response to the question ‘how are you’  is… BUSY. Any time of the year. Right?

Nick and I keep our commitments to a minimum simply because we like to live a simple life. Why else would we buy an acreage an hour from the nearest Target? #canigetanamen

I do however like to ‘keep busy’, rather than watching TV or sitting around, but I think that’s a totally different type of busy.

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Anyway, I’m rambling on about this because, right now, it does seem like life IS crazy! Coordinating family gatherings, hosting cookie decorating parties, making homemade gifts, attending various Preschool Christmas functions. WE ARE BUSY!

And Mama is tired.


This child. Such a blessing. Also, lots of surface area. I’ve hit the 30 week mark, and am starting to feel all the glories that are the 3rd trimester. Girlfriend is ‘busy’ in her own way. It feels like she’s constantly moving, and I never tire of it!

I found my Belly Pic Blog Post from last time I was 30 weeks, and… while I look about the same size, I’m not suffering nearly as much this time around. Mild swelling and a touch of heartburn. Just little stuff. I’m so anxious to meet this babe! Only 2 more months! “only”

I normally don’t care for the 4D ultrasound images, because the babies usually look so lumpy and alien-esque… but this one of my girl sleeping with her hands by her face stole my heart. Can’t wait to snuggle her.

Baby Sy {Sawdust and Embryos}

This past weekend, I was able to slip away for a few days with some old friends from my high school years. We all came from our own little corners of the earth, and met in Austin TX for some r&r. These ladies are PRECIOUS, and I’ve missed them so. This is my fave pic, but it’s missing my friend Renae… boo! There were 4 of us total.


We checked out all the little shops, local cuisine, and got pedicures. Just what I needed! (minus the margaritas). Such a blessing to have life-long friends.

I’ll leave you with this adorable pic from the girls’ Preschool Christmas Program. I was surprised to find that my little shy girl, Dell (back row, stripey dress) LIT UP on stage… natural performer. Interesting right? I don’t know what to make of it! Paisley (front row, pink stripes) looked a little traumatized most of the time, but she sang most of the words and did the motions. So precious.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about those experiencing heartbreak this Christmas season… whether it be loss of a loved one, the pain of infertility, or maybe a family division. I know how the magic of the season can feel like a slap in the face times a million. I encourage you to press on and push through. Someday when you’re past this season of pain, you’re going to be able to encourage and lift up someone experiencing the same thing, and that is a blessing.


Operation Laundry Room {Vanity}


Something very exciting happened this week… WE CAN WASH OUR HANDS IN THE ACTUAL BATHROOM instead of going to the kitchen. It’s been over a year since we ripped out the shower, and started preparing to make this a luxurious bathroom / laundry room suite. Remember when it looked like this? Old Skool. So let’s do a little recap since this has been a year in the making (and far from done)…So the shower came out (that post here). Nick did all the wiring and plumbing to more our … [Read More...]

Our kind of Christmas

dec14 067

As a creative-type designer-ish blogger, I’ve been known to move junk out of the background before I take a picture. I do this so you won’t be distracted by my cat litter instead of what I’m trying to convey. It’s really not that I’m trying to be deceitful or make you think that we keep a perfectly clean house (I wrote a whole post on this topic here). BUT, there are certain things I just won’t do as a blogger. One such thing is DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS JUST FOR THE … [Read More...]

Rolling Mudroom Bench with Cubbies!


Phew! What a busy weekend! You too? Nick and I have been working away on our respective projects. He in the bathroom/laundry room (update coming later this week!) and I in the kitchen. There were also a number of trips to the hardware story to break up the monotony of buzzing power tools.’ Today I’m going to show you what I ‘threw together’ (HARDLY) as my next step in my kitchen overhaul! Recall for a moment the ‘built in’ mudroom bench I built last week. I chose that design so … [Read More...]

Temporary Mid-Century Furniture Update!


A few weeks ago, I was bragging on Instagram about how I found this amazing /authentic mid-century Garrison  hutch for $70 on our local FB For Sale Page. Normally, $70 would have been more than I would spend on ANY piece of furniture… but I love me some MCM furniture, and I knew this bad boy was worth at least a few hundred dollars. If nothing else we could resell it, right? That was the plea I used when trying to convince Nick at least. Teehee! So to make a loooong story short, we … [Read More...]

Homemade Hot Chocolate


  Hey! Its Meghan from Cupcakes with Sprinkles! Its so cold outside and hot chocolate is what my kids request everyday when they come inside from playing outside. Lucky for them and for you I have a great homemade hot chocolate recipe for you. Its sweet and creamy. Rich and smooth. You could even add in some mint leaves, or extracts to give it a different flavor. If you're in the mood for hot chocolate this is way better than buying some at the store! Let get the things we need. Only 5 … [Read More...]

Gift Ideas by Talented Artisans… Shop Small!


Happy Monday morning awesome friends! Are you actively sipping your coffee and pretending to be productive? ME TOO! When I’m sprawled out on the couch and the girls want me to get them a snack (or whatever), I play the pregnancy card and say ‘baby needs to rest in my belly for awhile… we wouldn’t want to wake her!’ And then they gently pat my belly and whisper… ‘awwww baby, so sleepy’, and go about their business. Mommy of the year RIGHT HERE! We had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, … [Read More...]

Built-in Mudroom Bench {Kitchen}


ATTENTION! If you entered our Paintbrush Starburst Clock Kit giveaway by the name of Shalini G, you are the WINNER!!!!! (and have quite possibly inspired the name of our next child)… Check your email asap Shalini! Now onto business: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So… the kitchen. I wanted to build a bench that appears ‘built-in’ to extend across the expanse from the end of the cabinets to the wall by the door. But let me explain something first… this bench is … [Read More...]


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I feel that it’s time for a little life-update of sorts. Lots of little things going on ‘round these parts, but nothing substantial enough to deserve a dedicated post. I’ve had these fabric swatches (from Online Fabric Store) on the trim in the dining room for 3 WEEKS, and cannot make a decision on curtains. The hardest part for me is making the dining room feel cohesive with the living room and the gray/gold pattern above the board and batten. Will a pattern be too clashy and busy? Will a … [Read More...]

Dipped Paint Brush Starburst Clock


One of my favorite blogs to read is A Beautiful Mess. There’s always so much inspiration, DIY projects, recipes, and phenomenal photography to be had. Awhile back, I saw this amazing Wooden Spoon Clock and fell in love. It’s so bright and cheerful and creative! I really wanted to recreate something like this… but I’m no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, so the wooden spoons didn’t really feel like it fit with the theme of my life. And that’s when I decided to use PAINT BRUSHES, and add my … [Read More...]