Tutorial on how to build these SUPER sturdy and adorable Mod Kid's Chairs... a Land of Nod Knock-off! {Sawdust & Embryos}
How to make your own butterfly 'cutout' clock... where it looks like the butterflies are flying out of the clock! (Sawdust & Embryos)

All the things

This morning has been one of those mornings where nothing has gone right. HAPPY MONDAY, right?! It was a crazy rush to get out the door for school, and I had to pack a few extra items and a bottle in the diaper bag for Cypress because we had to go straight to her 9 month doctor’s check up after dropping the twins off.


On the way to school (which is a 25 minute drive), ALL the lights on the dashboard came on and the all the gauge needles dropped to zero. We were driving through the snowy countryside without even a house in site… let alone a mechanic. I pulled off to the side on the next gravel road… and the van died. Luckily, it was only 31 degrees outside, and we had plenty of blankets and our emergency winter kit with us. And I was grateful that my phone had a full charge. I called Nick at work, and he came right away to rescue us. The girls got dropped off late at school, and Cypress’ appointment got rescheduled, but we’re home safe and warm now. #whatamorning

I had a tutorial to share to day. But I just don’t feel like it, KAY? Instead let’s pour ourselves some coffee with a splash or peppermint mocha creamer and just chat. That sounds more fun anyway!

So this weekend, we got our first snowfall… which is always magical.

Sawdust and Embryos

For some reason, the twins very much associate snow with Christmas, so they were just sure that it MUST BE CHRISTMAS DAY. We had to explain that Christmas comes during the winter. But sometimes we don’t even have snow on Christmas… blah blah blah. Then we sang the song ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ together.

Nick took them sledding on our acreage, but they really wanted to build a snowman. The snow wasn’t wet enough to pack and make snowballs or snowmen so we just sent the girls off to play.


We’ve taught them to be problem solvers and not to give up (pretty much the motto of my whole life), so I was so proud of them when they came in and announced that they built a snowman. Complete with a smile made out of chives from the garden.


We’ve got several projects in the works right now, including lots of homemade Christmas gifts (we’re making Christmas-themed these!) and some little things friends have asked us to make for gifts.

other random projects

There won’t be tutorials for these, because these are shamelessly ‘inspired’ by Etsy shops. And since it’s not my idea or my design, I’m not going to take a sale away from another artisan! Though… if you have a scroll saw, I’m sure you could figure it out.

Despite the chilly temps, we’ve been spending lots of time creating together as a family in the garage. Three cheers for garage heaters! The girls love to bring their markers out and color while Nick and I are Santa’s little busy elves.


The girls got to recently hang out with their self-proclaimed favorite uncle… also known as my baby brother. He’s going to school to become a paramedic, and I’m so proud of him!


Speaking of family members, my sister Anna moved to Brussels last summer to teach Kindergarten ‘abroad’.

Teaching abroad in Brussels Belgium {Sawdust and Embryos}Photo Cred: my sister Anna

It seems so fancy and dreamy until you consider all the scary news lately, and how the bombers in Paris have been linked to Belgium, and Brussels has been on lockdown… complete with raids and heavily armed soldiers patrolling the streets. SCARY! If you think of it, say a prayer that my sis stays safe!


In non-scary news, I snagged this hefty gem-of-a metal cubby file cabinet of sorts. Nick is pretty annoyed since I have no plans for it (until he tried to steal it to store screws in the woodshop), but I just like staring at it and brainstorming all the things I could use it for. Until further notice, I set it on the TV stand until I get some inspiration. Stay tuned! (I know you always do. MUAH!)

other random projects2

And finally, last but certainly not least, our youngest sweet babeh has taken over our hearts and our house. She’s sure to be the center of attention at all times. And that’s saying a LOT with two sassy 4-year-olds traipsing around.


She’s pretty proud that she can hold her own bottle these days. Until she tries to do this.


She thinks she pretty hot stuff, but she’s a little behind on crawling. However we’re just fine with ‘stationary Cypress’ though. She’s easier to aggressively love when she can’t crawl away.


Well… that’s pretty much what’s going on with us, but I still have a half a cup of coffee left… so what’s going on with you?! Shame on me for talking about myself the whole time. #badfriend

Thanks for listening and putting up with my photo dump!


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Tutorial on how to build these SUPER sturdy and adorable Mod Kid's Chairs... a Land of Nod Knock-off! {Sawdust & Embryos}

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